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Re: [opensuse-project] systemd 234? what the literal eff you cee kay?
Hi Mathias,

On 7/20/20 10:58 AM, Dan Čermák wrote:
Hi Mathias,

Mathias Homann <Mathias.Homann@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

OK, who decided to stick with a THREE YEAR OLD systemd in Leap 15.2, and why?

There are open bugs in that version that have been fixed TWO YEARS AGO.

Asking for advice about that kind of stuff upstream is just plain old

I would like to give you a "good" reason, but it boils down to systemd
coming from SLE and that there probably wasn't the time and/or manpower
to update it for SLE 15 SP2.

That's one part of the reason, the other is that the risk of introducing
regressions and incompatibilities is very high with systemd and we try
to avoid that during SP releases (for SLE) or minor releases (for Leap).

Therefore, we are doing a more cautious approach and backport fixes and
features from upstream to our systemd v234, where possible.
(unfortunately, not always possible after some features and fixes are
quite intrusive, but we are doing our best ;) )

And, as opposed to Tumbleweed, where we are very close to upstream, if
you encounter any issues with systemd v234, we usually don't refer to
upstream, but try to help as good as possible.

I hope that makes things more clear?


However, I would kindly ask you to consider using a different tone in
the future. The currently very negative tone on the mailinglists is
actively detracting community members (see for instance:

Can I safely replace that with the up to date systemd from factory?

Yes, if you feel confident with dealing the unpredictable and
potentially catastrophic fallout. So the answer is rather: no, don't do
it, things will probably break.


Mathias Homann
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