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Re: [opensuse-project] Non-Confidence Petition
OK, this is a "he said - she said" story at this point.

Membership has voted the board stays

STOP STOP STOP take your bickering off list if you feel the need to continue


On 7/19/20 7:53 AM, Christian Boltz wrote:

I've been silent in the last days in the hope that things cool down and
we all can go back to productive mode, but I _have to_ reply to Gertjans

I hope this mail doesn't add too much fuel to the fire.

Am Sonntag, 19. Juli 2020, 01:24:46 CEST schrieb Knurpht-openSUSE:
Do you see the discrepancy in your reply ? Please stop now, Sarah. The
outcome simply means that 88.4% of the membership does not support
the petition, so trusts the current board.

As multiple people already stated, this is not true, and I'm sad that I
have to repeat it just for you.

The only thing we know is that 88.4% of the membership didn't vote for
(as Seife described it) "throwing, brexit-style, the biggest wrench they
can find into the gearbox".

We can only speculate about the reasons. Carlos already mentioned some
possible reasons yesterday, and I could easily add some more if I would
want to add to the speculations.

I know two things for sure:

* 45 members (8.8%) actively voted against the petition - and while that
could be seen as supporting the board, it's still speculation. Maybe
some people voted that way just to ensure that
list of voters != list of people who voted against the board
(and while I'm personally fine with having made my voting behaviour
public, I don't even want to imagine how much damage someone could do
with a list of people who signed the petition)

* Anybody who claims that "88.4% [...] trusts the current board" has
made up a _completely wrong_ conclusion.

Where nobody campaigned for the 88.4%

Just to pick a random example - you are "nobody"? ;-)

Let me quote from one of your mails you wrote about a week ago:
There is nothing wrong with the current Board. They've dealt with
every single issue so far as one might expect of an openSUSE Board.

Now if that isn't campaigning pro-Board, I don't know what would be.

Don't try to present the outcome of the petition as a win or a signal
to the board from the community. That is outright disrespecting the
88.4% of the membership that did not support your view. And hence
gave signal of trust in the board.

Repeating a completely wrong conclusion doesn't make it more true.

And, as a sidenote - I can't imagine any way how someone could describe
what happened in the last months or the result of the petition as a win.
Not even a >20% result would have been a win. It was more a loose-loose
situation, and the petition was a way to ask our members to choose the
lesser evil.

But, independent of the exact result - IMHO already the call for the
non-confidence petition was a clear signal to the board.

You went for some goal - board
down - campaigned, and your side lost. That is the outcome of your
cruisade, incl. the petition. Accept that. And refrain from ^^.

If it's your personal opinion to call it this way, fine. But for a more
general view, let me make clear that campaigning isn't a crusade.

Another thing: Stop spreading false info. A.o. about other board
members stepping down in thepast. I personally told you in Prague
about this, and I have the evidence you're wrong.

Assuming we are talking about the same person (and I'm quite sure about
that), well, it's an interesting case.

That person told the board a reason for stepping down.

In the handover meeting, you told us about a _different_ reason you
heard from that person in private - which, if you think it a bit
further, can be easily interpreted in the way Sarah sees it.

I never asked that person if there is a "real reason" (because I felt
that asking that question would already hurt) and therefore don't know
for sure, but - based on some interesting[tm] things I remember, and
especially after knowing the reason you told us in the handover meeting
- I'm sure that Sarah is much closer to the truth than you are.

I don't want to write more details in public to avoid publishing private
or confidential information. If you don't understand what I mean, ask me
in private, and I'll explain it.

In short: Stop. And leave ( this community has better things to do )
if you cannot stop trying to keep this discusion alive. I.e. have it
somewhere else please.

Gertjan, please re-read Sarahs mail. She already wrote that she accepts
the result and doesn't want to continue this discussion. Yes, she also
wrote that we (including the board) should learn from it - and that's
something several people (including me, and even including one of the
current board members!) see in a similar way. Maybe there's disagreement
about the details, but so far statements saying that we and/or the board
should continue with "business as usual" are in a very clear minority.

And about asking Sarah to leave: Seeing that you wrote that in a mail
that repeats a known-wrong claim, well, I think everybody can make his/
her own conclusions, so I won't comment on this.
And I seriously wonder if I need to ask you exactly the same, so please
finally stop your crusade [1] against Sarah before I really have to ask
you to leave.


Christian Boltz

[1] I'm only using that word because you introduced it into the
discussion, but it's not the worst choice.

Distinguished Engineer LINUX
Technical Team Lead Public Cloud
IRC: robjo

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