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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE Discord
On Sat, Jul 18, 2020 at 01:05, Maximilian Trummer <maximilian@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
It's not a good choice for FOSS communities anyway:

Discord is sadly still the best option for communities though, IRC,
Matrix, Telegram, Slack, RocketChat have various other issues that
prevent us from running them exclusively. Matrix is probably the next
best thing, but still nowhere near close to it. Let me break it down.

There is no easy way to manage a group of channels, which makes dealing
with any misconduct and subsequent moderation difficult to do [1]

There is no easy way to promote a group of channels, which makes a lot of
communication very off-topic, regardless of the channel topic.
+ what was mentioned for Matrix

If we ignore the IRCv3, which still isn't ready, IRC doesn't offer us
functionality that most users expect from a modern chat protocol, like
edits, direct image uploads, presence, server side log etc.
+ what was mentioned for Telegram

Slack & RocketChat:
Corporate solutions, meaning they do not have a "network effect" of
other aforementioned solutions. People rarely use a chat application for
single purpose, unless their livelyhood depends on it. This is something
that prevents both from being considered as a communication method for

We actually had to deal with the ongoing spam issue on Matrix, so I can
guarantee you it would only get worse if any of the above reached the
popularity of the openSUSE Discord.

Quite obviously we had some spam issues in openSUSE Discord, which made
us deploy appropriate tools to deal with the issue. Due to the
structure of other chat apps, solutions similar to that are not
possible, and I can see how people could easily abuse that.

So, unless you have better ideas, I think we might need to keep using
Discord ;)

LCP [Stasiek]

[1] We kinda have a solution, which is Matrix <-> Discord bridge, which
allows us to do some of the things Discord does and Matrix itself
doesn't provide, but as you can guess it kinda requires Discord.

Matrix developers are planning some ways to deal with this in spec, but
there is nothing concrete yet in the spec, so we will have to wait for
that to happen too.

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