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Re: [opensuse-project] Membership status
Am 06.07.20 um 16:22 schrieb Patrick Shanahan:
* Stasiek Michalski <hellcp@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [07-06-20 08:52]:

On Mon, Jul 6, 2020 at 14:31, Wolfgang Rosenauer <wolfgang@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
at least to the technical point I have to agree.
The membership team just sees a queue of requests and processes it.
If insufficient information is provided people (have to) downvote the
application and reject it.
Apparently though after an application is denied (with a reason that the
information was insufficient) and the information is updated it is
sorted into the system with the old votes and comments.

So due to that it's quite hard for the membership team to find that
there is a change at all.
Your application is shown (with the downvotes) and in case a team member
declined he actively would need to recognize the update, and at least
remove his old vote.

So looking at your application there are still two downvotes from the
time where the information was not given. So the process does not allow
to accept your application. Still when looking deeper into it those
downvotes should have been reset but this is not technically the case.
Also only team members can remove their downvote actively.

So the main issue is that the tooling does not really allow to recognize
this situation directly but only with all the context around it.

Since we were hoping we would have had the openSUSE Accounts implemented
by this point, alongside the Matrix server launch, the Mailman 3
migration and Connect decommission, but none of this happened due to
SUSE Community accounts, I'm afraid we might be stuck with Connect
method for a while longer. The accounts system was supposed to be used
as a way to add and store membership info, which would have allowed us
to use it in other applications via existing integrations.

So is someone going to step up and make a proper review and issue a new
status to Mr. Jochen Breuer's request as that has not been indicated. He
seems to be interested in this rather than the underlying reasons.

he complained about the process mainly. Otherwise it wouldn't have been
anything to discuss on the project mailinglist? At least that is how I
understood it.

His personal request it was accepted meanwhile.

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