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Re: [opensuse-project] Wanted: New hosting for
El 20/4/20 a las 12:40, victorhck escribió:
El 16/4/20 a las 17:45, Martin Schlander escribió:
Dear community

We need new hosting for the website as Bruno
"tigerfoot" Friedmann can't host it anymore for personal reasons.

If you're not familiar with the site, it's just a basic place for hosting
information and one-click installers for multimedia codecs, the YaST
Repositories "feed" and similar things. For legal reasons it's better to
these things at arm's length outside the official openSUSE infrastructure.
However outside the United States I'm pretty sure there should be no legal
concerns about hosting this content (note: IANAL). It's been hosted by
different individuals in a couple of different European countries for a
or more now with zero issues.

The technical requirements are next to none. Maybe a few megabytes of
required for static html/css and a few xml files. I assume there's a
substantial number of hits/visits, but I don't have statistics. However the
files are very small, so the amount of data traffic shouldn't be

I'm willing to continue to maintain the content, if I can get access to the
new hosting via ftp or whatever.

So if you're interested in taking over the hosting, don't hesitate to step
and Bruno will assist with transferring the domain and any other formalities.


Don't know if can be useful, but I have updated a bit the style of this
page, to fit (as I can) to software.o.o style.

You can check it following this url:

I didn't update the codecs to GitLab repo, so if you press a button, you
get a great 404 error! :)

Hope can be useful...

PS: Best wishes for Tigerfoot, he was one of the first geekos I met in
IRC long, long time ago and I learnt many things!! Virtual hugs my friend!!

BTW I forgot to add the url to GitLab repo with the code:


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