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[opensuse-project] Speculations (was: Re: Goodbye Board)
Sorry for top posting, but I could not formulate it better. Thanks, Jim!

Am February 28, 2020 6:06:38 PM UTC schrieb Jim Henderson <hendersj@xxxxxxxxx>:
The concern, as I see it, is this:

* 2 board members resigned for similar or related reasons
* The board can fill those vacancies through an appointment

Now, we don't know (and I'm not asking for details) what the reasons
for the resignations. But it seems that, based on comments made by
who resigned, they didn't feel they could remain because things
that (as Christian put it) went against [their] principles and beliefs.

That seems to indicate that there was some sort of intractable
disagreement that took place. the board gets to pick a new board member whom will "get in
line" with the thing that the two who resigned disagreed strongly
with that they felt they had no choice but to resign?

Note that I'm not saying Vincent was the wrong choice to replace Sarah
I completely agree with and support that outcome, based on the election

results. He was a logical choice.

But there's a possible appearance of impropriety here, and an
now without general information as to the nature of the conflict is
to appear to be tainted, whether it is or isn't.

What's clear to me is this: Something is seriously wrong in the board
serious and intractable enough that two board members felt
was their best course of action.

I find the opaqueness to be a bit troubling, and saying "please don't
speculate" causes people to do the exact opposite. That's human

As someone who manages people myself, I completely understand that
are legitimate reasons to not be completely transparent. But if 40% of

my team quit over the course of a couple of weeks for reasons that
apparently had to do with being put in the position of going against
their principles/beliefs *and* they made that clear on their way out
door, other teams that I interacted with would expect some sort of
explanation as to why I was having to change my priorities around in
order to accommodate our shared goals. (Of course, in such a
I might also find myself leaving the organization as well for a failure

of leadership - which doesn't apply here, and I'm *certainly* NOT
suggesting that Gerald leave because of this.)

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