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Re: [opensuse-project] Goodbye Board

Am Freitag, 28. Februar 2020, 14:36:17 CET schrieb Mathias Homann:
Am Freitag, 28. Februar 2020, 14:13:59 CET schrieb Michal Kubecek:
I'm sorry but saying what Christian said IMHO hardly counts as
"keeping things confidential". If he wanted to "keep things
confidential", he should not have said anything about the reasons.
Indicating something about principles and beliefs and refusing to
say more was guaranteed to provoke speculations and asking us not
to could hardly change that.

As I said somewhere else recently - "damn principles!" ;-)

Those who know me better should know that it's very hard to stop me from
saying something, even if it sometimes hurts - and that's also why I
wrote my resignation mail exactly the way I wrote it.

At the same time, I'm very sure that it's in the best interest of
everybody to keep all the details confidential, and I'd like to ask
everybody to accept this and not to ask more questions.
(And yes, I can imagine how hard this is.)

An early draft of my resignation mail was a bit more verbose and
contained the following:

In the best interest of the openSUSE project and everybody involved,
please don't speculate about the details or ask for them. I hope
that time will heal the wounds, but this will be much harder if you
"force" someone to publish more details.

I dropped the second sentence before sending out the mail, but maybe I
should have kept it to make the reasons behind my request more

Related: needs updating.
Also, it clearly says the board members are *elected*. Not appointed
by the chair.

Vinz was appointed by the full board (including me, as I already
indicated in my mail yesterday). Gerald was "just" the messenger ;-)

I know the timing might look strange, therefore let me make clear that I
fully supported, and still support, Vinz' appointment.


Christian Boltz
<sbeattie> [...] this is phpsysinfo, so I assume the most complicated
approach possible will be chosen
[from #apparmor]

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