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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE Board election 2019-2020 - Final candidates list
Fellow Geckos,

I can see my question below has sparked quite a bit of discussion which
which IMHO is good and heathy. There area number of points that have
arisen form this and I can say they largely reinforce what I am saying.
Its a great community but we do need to grow it and make it more
inclusive by lowering the "complexity" of navigating one's way around
www.o.o. Sarah perhaps you misunderstood, _I am a technical guy_ ( ) I'm just old and passed my sell by
date ;) my point was similar to yours, navigating www.o.o is not easy
and better searched with Google. Ultimately people will almost always
take the easiest route / go with what they can navigate most easily. I
touched on this at the 2019 Asia Summit. Thanks you also to Vinzenz and
Simon for your direct responses. I am really happy that the board is
aware of this and feel assured it will get the relevant board level
attention it requires.

I'm a huge advocate of localisation and its one of open source's
greatest strengths, in that the local community has the power to adapt
it to its needs. The 2019 Asia Summit was a fantastic testament to this.
To this end I must say without any political inference the mainland
China,  Hong Kong and Taiwan are very different environments and cannot
be lumped together. I will be meeting with Maurizio in mid Feb when I
get back from a trip, but as AFAIK we are the only two Geckos in HK and
neither of us are Chinese. Whereas mainland China and Taiwan have large
and established active communities, and I I will be in touch with Sunny
and Max for pointers and help in due course. Edwin thanks for
reaffirming your continued support. Let's see how it works out....



On 27/01/2020 01:19, Ariez J Vachha wrote:
But here's the thing, the future relies on getting new blood involved.
My recent experience in trying to get involved in the project by
understand the workings of the organisation has been a long and
relatively painful process. So much so that I failed in my commitment to
the other election officials. I do not want to detract from any of the
contribution of any of the volunteers, as I know no from other projects
I'm involved in the commitment it takes.

I would like to know the candidates views on making it easier for those
that want to participate, especially non coders, to do so, and how they
propose to do it.

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