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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE Board election 2019-2020 - Final candidates list
On Mon, Jan 27, 2020 at 12:19 AM Ariez J Vachha <ariez@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Election candidates, et al,

Happy Chinese New Year from Hong Kong!

But here's the thing, the future relies on getting new blood involved.
My recent experience in trying to get involved in the project by
understand the workings of the organisation has been a long and
relatively painful process. So much so that I failed in my commitment to
the other election officials. I do not want to detract from any of the
contribution of any of the volunteers, as I know no from other projects
I'm involved in the commitment it takes.

I would like to know the candidates views on making it easier for those
that want to participate, especially non coders, to do so, and how they
propose to do it.

From reading the mailing lists, I can see that this has been touched on
on and talked about quite a bit. I feel it needs to be moved up the
priority list. Not being one to make comment if I'm unable to contribute
I'm happy to volunteer in this effort regardless of election outcome.


Hi Ariez, et al

I'm in Asia region too, and I'm here willing to help you.
Maybe you can start by contacting some locals that you know interest
in Linux/openSUSE have conversation with them and try to create a
small event. Maintain the contact and connection with other local
communities or schools are also a great way to start. China is a big
country and if you can start from your city (Hong Kong) then the rest
will be easy and become never ending journey. I know some persons in
the mainland that I believe will help you, I can give you the
name/email off-list.

Here in Indonesia we're very busy with the openSUSE community, whether
it is on Telegram group (currently 849 member), FB group (around 4000
member), or other thing, luckily we have some young active members who
always willing to help. Some of this young member I never meet
personally but they are really helpful online :-) We also do gathering
here and there, we leave it to local community to make the initiative.
Plan your marketing activities, we always have stock of
merchandise/goodies event it is just a sticker, usb drive, t-shirt
etc, make online quiz, and send it to the quiz winner.
For 2020 we plan at least bi-monthly gathering, our country is as big
as Europe but mainly island, so visiting local communities directly
always make fun for us.
We do have our own web/blog ( and also our local
mirror (leap and tumbleweed that manage 100% by local community.

My suggestion, contact local community (you need young blood, believe
me :)), keep your presence, communication and spirit (make website,
telegram group etc), and do gathering. It is a social work, you don't
get paid and don't expect anything in return. If it is do not match
with you in the first place then you should be more prepare :-)

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