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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE Board election 2019-2020 - Final candidates list
  • From: Vinzenz Vietzke <vinz@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2020 23:35:34 +0100
  • Message-id: <3452327.JGlXMWOhiH@calvin>
Hi Ariez,

Thanks for raising this question as it touches one (if not *the*) crucial
topics for openSUSE as a community in the near future.

I would like to know the candidates views on making it easier for those
that want to participate, especially non coders, to do so, and how they
propose to do it.

I'd like to illustrate my view on it with a simple example:
When you visit there's a menu item top right named "contribute".
Clicking it brings you to the contribution bit of the page. There you have
choice between two things: Code and Hardware.
Now if we're lucky a potential contributor will click on "Code" and gets
presented four slightly unmotivated lines of text and a button to "find out
more". That's not how to be friendly and inviting. Let's hope not too much
people are turned down by that.

But what I see as a way bigger problem - and some kind of basic pattern in oS
- is that behind the "find out..." button in fact there would be really good
and detailed information on how to contribute. Documentation, testing,
translations and so on is all there. But it's not communicated in any
reasonable way! It's hidden in different places, buried deeply in the wiki.
The wiki is a good place for extensively written explanations but not for
getting a first step into the pool.

So my idea is part of a whole to-be-defined restructuring of I
proposed a few thoughts a while ago but got curbed due to the renaming/
rebranding discussion back then. Yet I still have these things on my list to
discuss and tackle. [1]

Of course the website is just one puzzle part. The whole getting fresh blood
(as you called it) thing needs further pushing. Hence the initiative of the
marketing team to get special t-shirts for Leap 15.2. Beta testers. [2]
This is something easily to be communicated to the outside and can be a door
opener for new people. Though it is not a board member's job there. But I
think it's good to have a board taking part in this whole communication

I hope that answers your question. If not just poke me again there.


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