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Re: [opensuse-project] How are we really doing?
Am Samstag, 28. Dezember 2019, 00:05:57 CET schrieb Felix Miata:
Trying to figure out what these three things are I found

Was this on the right track? If yes, it's a dead end, over my head to
understand, even though I've been an IRC user for nearly two decades.

Yes, that's the right track. Here's a (very long) explanatory blog post on the
whole Matrix thing:

The KDE wikie shows quite good how the whole thing works on the user's side:

In short: Matrix is a decentralized chat system mixing XMPP/Jabber
(federation) and IRC (chat rooms) features with added cryptography. Via so
bridges and bots you can add ways of interoperability to other chat systems
which might even be very walled like e.g. Discord.

it's attracting new people just wanting to pop in instead of going through
the hassle of mailman registration and a flooded inbox.

I'd like to know from where this "attraction" stems.

I already wrote that. The main reasons I guess are convenience in general and
especially on mobile devices.

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