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[opensuse-project] 2019-11-12 board meeting minutes

here are the minutes of the 2019-11-12 board meeting.

If you prefer a more formatted way, you can also read them on

Present: Gertjan, Simon, Axel, Gerald, Christian

Absent with notice: Marina

== Name vote ==

* the board is happy that we got a clear result
* future votes will always have an abstain option (Action: Gerald will
announce this on the project ML)

== openSUSE trademarks ==

* Gerald will ask SUSE Legal to write a contract draft for the openSUSE
trademarks so that the foundation can use them.
* the contract should allow long-term / permanent permissions to use the
* ideally, transfering the trademarks to the foundation in the future
should be possible

== Forum move ==

* we are still waiting for the forums database dump. Gerald will
escalate this with MF-IT.

== misc ==

* Gerald is invited to a EU panel discussion in Brussels, he'll send the
questions to board@ to get some input
* Simon reported that kangaroos enjoy having fun[tm] with cars (running
into or jumping onto them), and aren't easy to cook


Christian Boltz
Bei etwas größeren Dingen mit 6stelligem Budget kommt gern mal
"plötzlich" ein Onlineshop dazu. Oder ein Ticketsystem. So ganz
von alleine. Gucki, ich bin eine kleine Kundenidee - ist das viel
Arbeit? ;) [Ratti in suse-linux]

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