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[opensuse-project] postmaster@xxxxxxx and spam on addresses

I think I've already posted about this, but I think there really needs
to be done something.

About 75% or even more of the spam I'm getting arrives at my email, and on closer inspection has been directly delivered
to the secondary MX for

I take that spam, and feed it through which results in a
complaint being sent to postmaster@xxxxxxx, and I am getting the feeling
that no one reads mails to that address, because in I don't know how
many years I have gotten not a SINGLE reaction.

From the behaviour of "the system I can draw two conclusions:
1. that MX has no spam filter capabilities what so ever, not even
something as simple as dns based block lists
2. no one gives a shit.

I have already posted on that suse internal tracker thing that was
suggested to me last time I said anything - and also no real reaction
other than someone answering in a truly noncommital way, see

so ... can I have some numbers about the mail volume on the
domains? do we have to deal with the mail servers for

I mean, there is so much that *can* be done, spamassassin *with* DNS
blacklists, postgrey, you name it.


*Mathias Homann*
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