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Re: [opensuse-project] Re: openSUSE Project Name Change Vote
* Basil Chupin <blchupin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [10-21-19 01:36]:
On 21/10/19 2:19 pm, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Basil Chupin <blchupin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [10-20-19 21:45]:

goodness, 10 levels of quotes and many signatures. maybe time to relate a
recent post from another openSUSE list:

On 10/19/19 11:55 PM, Adam Spiers wrote:
> Please can *everyone*[1] trim unnecessary quoted text from their
> replies? It's tiring to have to scroll through pages of old text
> just to reach a one-line reply at the bottom. Thanks in advance!
Thanks for bringing this up.
There is this nice wiki page [1] about mailing list netiquette. I
usually use as a reference in local meetups whenever netiquette is
brought up.
Ish Sookun

and this is directed at the LIST, not one particular poster.

if you cannot take the time to trim your posts, and be considerate, why
post at all!

On 17 October 2019 Patrick Shanahan wrote in this thread the following, and
I quote:


* Simon Lees <sflees@xxxxxxx> [10-16-19 23:29]:

On 10/17/19 1:11 PM, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Simon Lees <sflees@xxxxxxx> [10-16-19 18:16]:

[...] 154 quote lines removed.

But as I have said the board is still working through some final details
when they are sorted you will know more.

and I will again vote *against* changing from openSUSE.


"Do as I say, not as I do".

you apparently took exception to and did not read:
"and this is directed at the LIST, not one particular poster."

and nowhere did I say I was not also guilty. but you really *wanted* to
throw stones .... :(

(paka)Patrick Shanahan Plainfield, Indiana, USA @ptilopteri openSUSE Community Member facebook/ptilopteri
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