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Re: [opensuse-project] [netiquette] efficient quoting of replies
W dniu 19.10.2019 o 21:55, Adam Spiers pisze:
Someone (not relevant who) wrote:

[snipped gigantic block of quoted text]

Logo vote is coming as soon as we figure out the name.

Please can *everyone*[1] trim unnecessary quoted text from their
replies? It's tiring to have to scroll through pages of old text
just to reach a one-line reply at the bottom. Thanks in advance!

[1] Sorry $sender, not meaning to pick on you - I have seen this
happen a lot from many people recently; this was just the straw
on the camel's back ...

There is a useful Thunderbird add-on QuoteCollapse

I'm not saying that your point is invalid though.

Adam Mizerski

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