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Re: [opensuse-project] Re: openSUSE Project Name Change Vote

On 10/18/19 7:51 PM, Basil Chupin wrote:
On 18/10/19 12:36 pm, Simon Lees wrote:

On 10/18/19 7:13 AM, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Axel Braun <axel.braun@xxxxxx> [10-17-19 16:12]:
Am Donnerstag, 17. Oktober 2019, 18:13:15 CEST schrieb Scott Bahling:
On Thu, 2019-10-17 at 08:45 +1030, Simon Lees wrote:
On 10/16/19 6:10 PM, Stasiek Michalski wrote:

I asked this question in form of "How restricting would openSUSE
be in
case we used it as the foundation name?", however, afaik, it
never got
past the board, just because we still had/have(?) no clue about the
final form of the foundation, so it wasn't/isn't(?) worth it to
get the
lawyers involved.
This is basically correct, the initial discussions we had with a more
general lawyer around the time this was first discussed was it
could be
quite restrictive, but followup with a trademark lawyer has suggested
that it should not be restrictive at all.

This is why the board would really like your opinion on a name change
without taking this issue too much into account. If most want to
the name anyway then its a non issue, if an "openSUSE Foundation"
end up being too legally restrictive for whatever reason then the
will propose using something else (but if most people want to not
the project's name we won't change the name of anything else). But
current advice the board has is it shouldn't be legally
restrictive so
we hope to just be able to follow the result of the vote.
Aha? That is an important piece of information I somehow missed in the
threads up to now. I was under the assumption that the name change was
exactly because there was fear of legal restrictions hurting us in the
We (the board) consulted a specialized lawyer for trademark issues,
and talked
to a judge as well. It pointed out that both independent legal entities
(openSUSE and SUSE) can keep their brands and go into competition
with each
other, so trademarks would not be a show-stopper.

My opinion is that a brand name change should NOT happen based on
popular opinion, but done to work around foreseen and otherwise
insurmountable issues. I believe that is pretty much standard
advice for
anyone serious about brand integrity and recognition. Has the board
sourced any expert advice in this area? Including what would be
best for
the success of a new foundation (starting with a new name vs using an
established name)?
then there is not reason for the vote unless it is *only* to change the
name of our distribution.

why are we having a vote?
Because some people would like to change the name of the distribution
along with all the other parts of the project so the name openSUSE
doesn't exist anywhere.

Who are these people, please?

Several of them commented in the original thread on this subject, they
are not that hard to find. If they didn't we wouldn't be having this vote.


Simon Lees (Simotek)

Emergency Update Team
SUSE Linux Adelaide Australia, UTC+10:30
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