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Re: [opensuse-project] 2019-09-03 board meeting minutes
  • From: Adam Spiers <ASpiers@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2019 18:52:49 +0000
  • Message-id: <20191015185245.cjlwftwc5nxuhl56@pacific.linksys.moosehall>
Mathias Homann <Mathias.Homann@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Am Dienstag, 15. Oktober 2019, 19:39:57 CEST schrieb Knurpht-openSUSE:
Op zondag 22 september 2019 13:41:35 CEST schreef Christian Imhorst:
Am 22. September 2019 13:30:28 MESZ schrieb Christian Boltz
== Board-internal communication channels ==

The board is evaluating open source options to replace hangouts and the
whatsapp group.

...what about ... IRC?

I mean seriously, every opensuse member already has (can have) a registered
nick on freenode that already identifies him as whatever his/her login on is, a channel can be quickly created and made private (password
protected), channels can be moderated, etc etc etc. Why do we need a "new"
wheel when the old one is still round and rolling fine?

Let's be realistic; IRC is more like an octagon than a smooth wheel.
Yes it rolls just like it always did, but it's lacking some
significant features and ease of use which all other modern chat
systems have, and which have propelled those systems to far wider
adoption than IRC ever achieved. Having used it for ~20 years, I'm
just as fond of IRC as anyone, but nostalgia is not a good reason to
avoid moving forwards.
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