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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE Project Name Change Vote
On 10/10/2019 16.46, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
On Thu 2019-10-10, Andreas Jaeger wrote:
The formulation of the vote is so short and terse that it's useless

When the vote was kicked off (a bit early) I had just got broad
agreement on the board for the following alternate version in an
attempt to add some clarity:

( ) I am in favor of keeping the name "openSUSE" for our project
and would like to see the Board and SUSE to work together to
establish whatever is necessary (in terms of trademarks and
other agreements) to allow for that.

( ) I am in favor of changing the name of our project from "openSUSE"
and replacing uses of the "openSUSE" name with a new name. I would
like to see the Board and SUSE to work together towards that goal.
(Next steps will include determining concrete proposals and likely
a follow-up vote on the actual choice.)

(Be careful and don't mentally overlay this on the actual ballot;
the order is reverse.)

Good description and far better than the current poll! Should we restart
the poll?
Or write a blog post on news.o. explaining that Yes means b) and no
means a)?

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