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Re: [opensuse-project] 2019-09-03 board meeting minutes

On 10/8/19 7:54 AM, Robert Schweikert wrote:

On 10/2/19 7:37 AM, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
On Wed 2019-10-02, Michal Kubecek wrote:
Personally, I can see more similarities [with the Brexit vote] than
I feel comfortable with.

When the topic came up on my first board meeting (in August), the Brexit
voting process is an example I used as something to not repeat, indeed.

I, too, feel a bit uncomfortable, and I, too, hope that the vote will
be "no change of name".  I see your point, and Henne's, and at least as
importantly the value of an existing brand.  To me the potential benefits
of changing thename appear moderate in comparison, if not speculative.
But let's see.

Of course, there is another difference: if it all comes to the worst and
the result of the vote is "change", Board could simply make a popularity
contest and choose the name with most votes even if majority of voters
(and users) would in fact dislike that name. But that is hardly

If it comes to that, constructing the ballot is going to be non-trivial
and hugely important.

Yes, especially since we continue to co-mingle different tangentially related topics.

We continue to mix foundation name, project name, and "product name" where "product name" is probably the least defined up in the same conversation.

Project name:
While the use of "openSUSE Project" has trademark implications, as such we have been able to use the name for a long time and while IANAL I would haphazard the guess that SUSE has long lost the opportunity to strip the openSUSE name in this respect as to lack of prior enforcement.

Unfortunately you are wrong here, currently SUSE grants openSUSE permission to use the mark, more specifically SUSE currently grants the openSUSE Board to determine how the openSUSE trademark is used in most cases.

SUSE has been quite active in defending the openSUSE trademark in every case where SUSE or the Board has become aware of the mark being used in a way that violates the trademark guidelines (link below) without board approval, including cases where it has taken legal action to defend the mark so there is no way that one could argue its not actively defending the mark.


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