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Re: [opensuse-project] Election Committee Set to Open Vote on Project Name

On 10/2/19 8:42 PM, Simon Lees wrote:

On 10/2/19 9:14 PM, Henne Vogelsang wrote:

On 01.10.19 22:20, Axel Braun wrote:

Am Dienstag, 1. Oktober 2019, 16:20:10 CEST schrieb Henne Vogelsang:
As we are on the edge of a new era (legal structure/foundation) it would now
be the time to change the name - if the majority of members want this .

I understand that there is a timing issue involved here. However, there
is no need for rush right?

This is currently the biggest blocker to setting up the foundation, as it dictates a significant amount of what our future negotiations with SUSE are.

Sorry, but from my perspective this is a perception issue.

Based on, if I remember the conversational points from the earlier threads properly, circumstantial evidence from another project, The Document Foundation and Libre Office, and possibly mixed with some personal discomfort, it has been postulated that a name difference between a foundation, a project, and a product/products is not advantageous.

However I would content that there is no hard data that substantiates a significant advantage of the idea that things have to have the same name.

There is nothing really that would stop anyone from creating "The Green Geeks Foundation" with a charter that contains:

"...This foundation is established for the sole purpose to support the openSUSE Project........."

Then there is a legal entity that can receive money and based on the charter it is known to any external entity/sponsor where the proceeds of the foundation will be invested. This can be setup completely independently, does not require a vote and would provide a legal entity. The new legal entity can then undertake any negotiations that are deemed necessary w.r.t. trademarks etc.

That the choice proposed to be presented for a vote is a convolution of topics is a result of us not making the effort to pry things apart and have clear communication about the individual levels/components of things that are more or less tangentially related.

Having conversations about the individual parts can lead to decisions "in a vacuum", which generally do not turn out all that well. However, having conversations about the individual bits that are focused would certainly help to create clarity.

One has to understand the individual pieces to put a puzzle together. Based on this thread I would say I am not the only one that doesn't have a clear understanding of all the moving parts and how they are supposed to fit together. I did read all the messages in this thread and in the earlier threads about the topic.


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