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Re: [opensuse-project] New members procedure
On 9/19/19 1:14 AM, Carlos E. R. wrote:

I just learned that the recommended procedure for prospective new
members is to write a profile on <>

It is described here:

You know that I am one of the two volunteers that watch for spam on the
connect platform. I have been told that the platform is insecure, and in
fact people remove their profile. I don't know if this claims are true
or not, but I ask here for your consideration.

For example, the other day a new user appeared, "rose25". Within a day,
she made "friends" with possibly everybody on the platform, surely using
a script, there is no other way to do thousands of friends. A few

Subsequently I banned her.

Quickly another user appeared, "rose2525", but so far no activity I can
can undoubtedly classify as "spam". However, some real users have made
friends with her (like Malcolm Lewis, or Stefan Seyfried, but not listed
later as such). I am suspicious and undecided.

The point: I highly suspect that this "rose25" got the emails and
personal data on the profiles of everybody.

Thus I ask if would it not be better to modify the procedure for
prospective new members to provide their "resume" in some other secure

I am a bit worried. I do not want to be blamed for breach of privacy (EU
regulations etc) as I am 50% the active admin of that platform, which I
barely understand. I do not take responsibility in such an event.

Hi, Carlos:

As I recall, I had tried to get something going to get a replacement for Connect that would make a better, more secure Membership list for the purposes of votes and other openSUSE activities.

A couple of people started something, but nothing ever got anywhere. Without enough motivated help, and after an excruciating experience with the Elections and the Elections Committee (others were Ish and Edwin, who pulled their weight admirably) unable to get decent assistance with the last Board Elections, I was not about to go ahead with it on my own.

I decided to instead devote my time to my Recordings and subsequently dropped out of that failed attempt to replace Connect.

This is not aimed at you, I want to be clear, as you and another stepped up and have done a nice job at reducing the spam and similar activity, and I admire your resolve to help with that.

But, this would all be a moot point, now, if I had received the full assistance with the move away from Connect months ago.

Thanks for bringing this up, Carlos, as it *DOES* need to be addressed.

-Gerry Makaro
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