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Re: [opensuse-project] Changing the Chair of the Board
  • From: medwinz <medwin@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2019 13:28:18 +0700
  • Message-id: <>
On Mon, Aug 19, 2019 at 3:00 PM Richard Brown <rbrown@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear Community,

After six years on the openSUSE Board and five as its Chairperson, I have
decided to step down as Chair of the openSUSE Board effective today, August

This has been a very difficult decision for me to make, with reasons that are
diverse, interlinked, and personal.
Some of the key factors that led me to make this step include the time
required to do the job properly, and the length of time I've served.
Five years is more than twice as long as any of my predecessors.
The time required to do the role properly has increased and I now find it
impossible to balance the demands of the role with the requirements of my
primary role as a developer in SUSE, and with what I wish to achieve outside
of work and community.
As difficult as it is to step back from something I've enjoyed doing for so
long, I am looking forward to achieving a better balance between work,
community, and life in general.

Serving as member and chair of the openSUSE Board has been an absolute
pleasure and highly rewarding. Meeting and communicating with members of the
project as well as championing the cause of openSUSE has been a joyous part
of my life that I know I will miss going forward.

openSUSE won't get rid of me entirely. While I do intend to step back from
any governance topics, I will still be working at SUSE in the Future
Technology Team. Following SUSE's Open Source policy, we do a lot in
openSUSE. I am especially looking forward to being able to focus on Kubic &
MicroOS much more than I have been lately.

As I'm sure it's likely to be a question, I wish to make it crystal clear
that my decision has nothing to do with the Board’s ongoing efforts to form
an independent openSUSE Foundation.

The Board’s decision to form a Foundation had my complete backing as
Chairperson, and will continue to have as a regular openSUSE contributor.
I have absolute confidence in the openSUSE Board; Indeed, I don't think I
would be able to make this decision at this time if I wasn't certain that I
was leaving openSUSE in good hands.

On that note, SUSE has appointed Gerald Pfeifer as my replacement as Chair.
Gerald is SUSE's EMEA-based CTO, with a long history as a Tumbleweed user, an
active openSUSE Member, and upstream contributor/maintainer in projects like
GCC and Wine.

Gerald has been a regular source of advice & support during my tenure as
Chairperson. In particular, I will always remember my first visit to FOSDEM
as openSUSE Chair.
Turning up more smartly dressed than usual, I was surprised to find Gerald, a
senior Director at SUSE, diving in to help at the incredibly busy openSUSE
booth, and doing so dressed in quite possibly the oldest and most well-loved
openSUSE T-shirt I've ever seen.
When booth visitors came with questions about SUSE-specific stuff, I think he
took some glee in being able to point them in my direction while teasingly
saying "Richard is the corporate guy here, I'm just representing the

Knowing full well he will continue being so community minded, while finally
giving me the opportunity to tease him in return, it is with a similar glee I
now hand over the reigns to Gerald.

As much as I'm going to miss things about being chairperson of this awesome
community, I'm confident and excited to see how openSUSE evolves from here.

Keep having a lot of fun,


Note: This announcement has been cross-posted in several places, but please
send any replies and discussion to the opensuse-project@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Mailinglist. Thanks!

Hi Richard,

Thanks for everything you have done as the openSUSE Board and the
chairperson as well. It feels a bit weird that you're not in that
position anymore.

One thing that I always remember from you is your meritocratic motto
"those who do decide" :-)
That's give the trust for people around the project, the community, to
do the best thing for the distribution.

openSUSE Asia community now have a schedule summit every year since
2014, this Summit could not happen without your support since the
beginning. Thanks!

I also personally would like to thank you to give me the opportunity
as one of the Board Election team for 2018-2019, that was a great
experience for me.

Enjoy your time and see you around.

Have fun
M. Edwin Zakaria
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