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Re: [opensuse-project] Changing the Chair of the Board
On Mon 2019-08-19, Richard Brown wrote:
After six years on the openSUSE Board and five as its Chairperson, I
have decided to step down as Chair of the openSUSE Board effective
today, August 19.

The single most important thing for all of us to do today is
giving an enormously huge "Thank you" and applause to Richard.

Facilitator, presenter, developer, escalator and escalation handler,
doer, thinker, helper, writer, motivator, moderator, communicator,
leader and manager, and that's only an incomplete list, you have
been doing many things for, with, and around openSUSE (and SUSE)
that are highly visible, and probably equally many that are not.

And I dare say you have made a difference or - one area of subtlety
of your English language, - have been making a difference.


As difficult as it is to step back from something I've enjoyed doing
for so long, I am looking forward to achieving a better balance between
work, community, and life in general.

All the best wishes for that! As you said, we won't get rid of
you entirely (nor would we want to). I will check in now and
then. And use the opportunity to seek advice and help. ;-)

And thank you so much for the very kind introduction, Richard!

As far as my new role goes, Richard and me have spent hours and
hours the last two weeks sharing and discussing, and so have Thomas
Di Giacomo (SUSE's President of Engineering, Product, and Innovation)
and others.

I have compiled a list of things that I plan to support and
(for some of them) tackle in the coming weeks and months.

Still, listening is going to be a priority.

Listening to the other board members (we're scheduled to talk tomorrow).

And listening to all of you, inside openSUSE and beyond.

You know where to find me: Mail, Twitter, in person (hoping to make
it to openSUSE.Asia Summit and FOSDEM for example); just my Instagram
is quite not technology-affine at all. ;-)

Let's continue to rock!


PS: is
the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, by the way.
No other operating system on that machine.
Dr. Gerald Pfeifer <gp@xxxxxxxx>, SUSE CTO (EMEA-based)
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