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Re: [opensuse-project] RFC: How to improve openSUSE websites
Am Thu, 20 Jun 2019 17:13:22 +0200
schrieb Stasiek Michalski <hellcp@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

in advance: can you please fix your email client's wrapping? It's
really hard to read your emails.

I guess having 79 characters per line doesn't work too well, changed
it to 72

Thanks, much better now.

Hm, that whole story is a bit frustrating to be honest.

I haven't seen the mockups yet you mentioned earlier in this
thread. So
I had to start somewhere out of the blue which is quite pointless
when there are things around being already half finished.

But now you're coming around the corner with a 90% copy of the
current landing page. All in all you gave it different fonts and
made the colours more eye burning but kept the unclear overall

Attribute the eye burning colours to the awful colour palette openSUSE
has, which instead of enabling more interesting designs causes
everything to way too bright

The worst part is that this is how the colours were supposed to be
used, despite not being fit for the purpose (at least that's how they
appear to be used in marketing materials).

So why not unclutter it and use one or two main colors? It's not
like we have you use every tone given from the palette as if it was
the holy grail.

And despite the fact that it is a 90% of the current landing page, it
fixes all the issues that the current page has in my opinion:
* Links more to external resources instead of relying on the landing
page itself (software-o-o already explains the differences between
distributions, why duplicate, news-o-o already has all the news, why
duplicate, contributions page will have all the details about
contributing, why duplicate)

Sending people from A to B to C with always different layouts. That is
so wrong. I'd prefer any duplication instead of this navigation mess.

* Gives more space to projects other than distributions
* References to openSUSE as us, not them
* Mentions community more

If we want to fix the way openSUSE Distributions are presented to
people, we should need to do it in one place, not two or three (there
is also some stuff on the wiki after all).

Please re-read your first bullet point. You're dissenting with yourself
here now.

Wait until when? Settling the foundation alone will take up to 6
months. But even leaving it out there's still not a single date or
span for logo and renaming around at all. Which means it will take
2-3 months at minimum until there is any final decision in sight.

That aside: changing color codes and switching logos is no rocket

It isn't, but I would hope all of this would be tied together. It's
just a few years at most, we can wait :P

We agreed on the overall web presence being at best not satisfying. So
why wait until the tasks are stacked?

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