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Re: [opensuse-project] RFC: How to improve openSUSE websites
Hey Vinzv,
I completely agree with your points but I also understand where lcp is
coming from and I wish it was as simple as changing the color... but
we might end up starting from scratch again if a complete rebranding
takes place (for example just making the logo circular will lead to
changes in the navbar which may no longer work well with the rest of
landing page and so on)

I'm afraid we're fighting on many fronts right now, so I suggest the
following: for now we can improve the website but not in a dramatic
way just to make it right and without rushing it up.
By waiting a couple of months, we'll have a better(although maybe not
polished but still better) vision about the future of the branding/
the foundation/ the name and all of this. the outcome of these even if
it was "no foundation, stay with the current brand" then that's stable
enough to build on, and in the case of rebranding, we don't have to
wait for everything to finish, as soon as the name settle down we can
work on branding/design language and shortly after the website
architecture and design.
So the points are valid and we all agree that the website can use some
improvement but we need to take the timeline into account.
Hope you find this somewhat convenient.

On Thu, Jun 20, 2019 at 3:05 PM Vinzenz Vietzke <vinz@xxxxxxxx> wrote:


in advance: can you please fix your email client's wrapping? It's
really hard to read your emails.

I drew a quick mockup [1] for the sake of it, I didn't think that
there are not
enough links to external pages, and too many subpages there, so I
most of it. I don't really see why the page shouldn't be as long as it
currently is, as long as it uses the space in ways that make sense ;)
(This mockup probably has the worst spacing ever anyway, but we will
fix that
in post)

The distributions section got shorter, you get that at the absolute
top, while
letting the software-o-o explain tw and leap in more detail instead.

Tools are represented in categories, so we can explain how they fit
into overall openSUSE goals, while staying relatively short and

News are just one (latest) article sourced from news-o-o, it also
links to
news-o-o, in case you want to see more news.

Some explanation about who openSUSE Community is, that will require
some more
links than just events, but it's a good start on having people
understand that
we aren't that scary (hopefully ;)

Contributions, well, it will point to the site that Imad Aldoj is
making, as
well as subpage about hardware donations, it still requires some more
but will probably be a little easier to navigate.

Hm, that whole story is a bit frustrating to be honest.

I haven't seen the mockups yet you mentioned earlier in this thread. So
I had to start somewhere out of the blue which is quite pointless when
there are things around being already half finished.

But now you're coming around the corner with a 90% copy of the current
landing page. All in all you gave it different fonts and made the
colours more eye burning but kept the unclear overall structure.

I also feel, this is probably the worst time to be making this, we
will need to
remake the page after logo changes, after colour changes, after name
after foundation happens anyway, which is being discussed right now.
Maybe we
should wait?

Wait until when? Settling the foundation alone will take up to 6
months. But even leaving it out there's still not a single date or time
span for logo and renaming around at all. Which means it will take 2-3
months at minimum until there is any final decision in sight.

That aside: changing color codes and switching logos is no rocket

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