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Re: [opensuse-project] RFC: How to improve openSUSE websites

On wto, cze 18, 2019 at 1:04 AM, Vinzenz Vietzke <vinz@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> # First sight

I did start doing some work towards getting first mockups of website
but focus more on the `openSUSE` than distributions, leaving the
marketing of
distros to software-o-o.

What happened to them?

What happened was that I couldn't land on something that makes me 100% happy, I
should share some more ideas and general layout somewhere sometime. In the end
what caused the stop of any additional progress in January was my ambition
to make the website too perfect, which cased me enough anxiety that I stopped
before really starting to get results that would be good enough for a starting
point, sorry :/

I do believe this is the right direction,
because if
we wanted to sell openSUSE right on the main site, we would not be
able to
mention anything outside of it in enough detail. Distributions are
massive in
terms of what we should actually mention about them, so software-o-o
serve the purposes of showcasing the distributions, installation
process, go
into detail about differences between Leap and Tumbleweed. It would
also be
nice to have a dns rule for the distribution part of the site instead
of software-o-o/distributions, maybe something like,
so it's
shorter and easier to type by anybody that wants to share the distros
(but not
the entire project) with other people ;)

The thing is: is /the/ starting point for everyone with
either little or no knowledge of openSUSE at all. Going to a car store
you don't want to be forced to choose your desired type of car even
befor someone says hello to you.
You want to get an overview: what do they have, what price ranges
areavailable, is the sales man friendly etc. Basic stuff.
Going into detail is a second step and needs to be guided.

Yeah, it's not like I would totally remove distributions from there, but the
choice between Tumbleweed and Leap should be given on software-o-o, not on the
main page, because there is no way we can explain the difference in a paragraph
of text hidden under an annoying animation. The primary view, the first one you
see on the page should be about the distributions, with a single link to
software-o-o, so we can have a space for a solid explanation of similarities,
differences, software etc.

> # Getting information
Absolutely, animations aren't just a nice eye candy there, they
function very
often as a roadblock between person and information, which is not
acceptable, I
would be much more in favour of splitting some stuff into subpages
just to get
into enough detail about everything too.

Yes, I'd favour that as well. A menu is already there so it would be
easy and quick to implement.

> # Consolidate information
> ## News
> 3.
Dead basically, I am still waiting for provo to get the stuff off
there, it
tends to be a long process (also YaST team needs blog on our infra,
which is
being worked on).

Any idea what takes them so long? Is there a point we could help?
Don't get me wrong: we're all volunteers, but taking a website
_offline_ is nothing that should take weeks (?) to get done.
And telling YaST team to email their blog posts to Doug instead as well
is nothing to be causing severe trouble.

Yeah, I think we all wonder what takes Provo that long most of the time, but I
guess as any sysadmin office, they are busy doing their own stuff and not ours
;) It is more than taking it offline, we need a full copy of public_html from
wordpress to publish it as archive (and to github repo that already exists for
this very purpose, but is very much outdated).

YaST Sprints are rather technical in most cases, not the best fit for news-o-o
tbh. And YaST does have its blog, but it's burried, and is missing a valid ssl certificate. Minor issues, the
plan is to host YaST blog on static server (which I was supposed to do a few
months ago, but never got around to), news-o-o would be hosted the same way.

> ## Website vs. Wiki
I believe the biggest mistake was separating contents between
openSUSE and SDB
namespaces, when you are looking for software, you are most likely
also looking
for tutorials on how to install and use said software anyway. There
is no
particular reason why this needs to be in SDB articles in most cases.

Yes! A documentation separated into information and documentation is...
strange somehow. Is there a way to revert that somehow?

A lot of manual work...

The contributions side of things is being worked on by Imad Aldoj,
with a
dedicated website for helping newcomers with contributions.

Yes, I talked to him as well. Some special site is a great thing for
external marketing and helping people to get on board. Looking at or as you mentioned the Fedora
equivalent is quite what we should get.

Yet there needs to be way more information on We can't
just point people to some other website.

Quite obviously, but I would rather explain the process of how we get things
done before mentioning how to contribute, because it's easier to get into the
process if you know what's up overall.

LCP [Stasiek]

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