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Re: [opensuse-project] Project name and logo discussion
On 6/5/19 3:11 PM, Pierre Böckmann wrote:

I am sure they will, and most likely they will always stay supportive and
willing to grant us the necessary rights. But that are no less "mights" and
"coulds" than those mentioned before. There is still a realistic possibility
that for instance some corporation acquires SUSE and decides that SUSE has to
save money and stop supporting the openSUSE project or the new owners decide
that they don't want to continue to share copyrights and trademarks with the
community and the openSUSE project and there are so many other scenarios
possible which are problematic.

And I believe everyone who is involved in the project or the company
will agree that's something that (although theoretically possible) is
far from happening right now or in any foreseeable scenario. Quite the
opposite the bonds are strong and healthy.

I believe that we can master the challenges of re-branding and even benefit
from it. We can and will continue to cooperate with SUSE but we gain
independence and empowering the community for the time being. Additionally I
don't think that our situation is comparable with Mandrake / Mandriva /
Mageia. We have the chance to make the transition as smooth as possible
because we are not forced to change name. But some day we might be if we
go this way with will of our own.

Of course, we can make the change "just in case" to ensure we don't have
to do it in a rush in the VERY unforeseeable case of a SUSE<->openSUSE
breakage. Hopefully, the people inside the community will understand
that's being done just preventively (if that's a word ;-) ).

BUT the people involved in the openSUSE project is just a minor fraction
of the world. Most people out there (even MANY of our users) will simply
understand the change of the name as the breakage already happening or
being a very close possibility.

No matter how well you do the marketing. It will be perceived as a bad
sign. The more positive you pain it, the most people will think "there
must be something they are not telling us".

By putting the cart before the horse we are just sending a message of
instability, fear and distrust about the SUSE<->openSUSE relationship.

By fixing something that is not broken (just in case it breaks in the
distant future) you will be actually telling to the world that is
already broken.

Ancor González Sosa
YaST Team at SUSE Linux GmbH
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