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Re: [opensuse-project] Proposal for Decision Making Process for the formation of our Foundation

On 09/06/2019 05:11, Christian Boltz wrote:

Am Donnerstag, 6. Juni 2019, 15:11:48 CEST schrieb Richard Brown:

- The interpretation of consensus by the Board should be communicated
in advance of any vote by the Board, and should be open to challenge
on the opensuse-project mailinglist.

I'm afraid we'll introduce a superfluous delay by doing so.
I can imagine we might end up with discussing what the consensus is in
one meeting (and maybe work on the exact wording), then send out a
"formal" mail saying so (which is basically a pre-decision), and then
vote about it in the next board meeting two weeks later (typically
confirming what we discussed two weeks before).

IMHO we can drop the "in advance" part to speed things up, and replace
it with "the board will instantly send a mail after such decisions
(independent of the board meeting minutes)".

Of course the decision will still be open to challenge on the
opensuse-project mailinglist, and in worst case the board will have to
revert its decision and let the community vote. In the end, we'll have
exactly what Richard's proposed rule does, but without the two weeks

- If the discussion does not produce a clear consensus, a vote of
openSUSE Members should be conducted
- The result of any vote that involves at least 2/3s of the current
membership will be considered immediately binding as a formal decision
of the Project

If I get the follow-up discussion right, we'll reduce this to 20%
participation - which is way more sane for votes about single "detail

The above proposal would only apply for individual aspects of the
overarching effort to establish a Foundation for the Project. I do not
propose it should apply for the actual formation of the Foundation.

For that I believe there should be a final confirmatory vote of the
openSUSE Membership.
That should require 2/3s participation to be considered valid, and it
will be that vote that will formally reflect the communities agreement
or rejection of the formation of a Foundation for the Project. I feel
the Board should not have a fallback role on such a significant topic
for the Project.
Failure of the vote to receive 2/3rs participation in the vote should
be considered a rejection of the Foundation, due to lack of sufficient
interest from the Membership.

With that rule, we can stop talking about a foundation _now_.

Call me a pessimist, but I seriously doubt that 2/3 of our members will
vote [1]. For comparison: The last board election had 52% participation.
In the year before, the percentage was slightly higher (59%), but only
because we had less members back then - the absolute number of voters
didn't change much.

Setting up a foundation is a big and important change for openSUSE, and
I hope that our members are interested enough in it to vote.
Nevertheless, more than 2/3 participation would surprise me, and I'd
hate to kill the foundation setup with such a barrier.

I agree that we should have a minimum participation, but not 2/3 please.
I'd go for 40 or 50% - that's more realistic, and still means lots of
our members have to vote.

This was Richard miss reading the existing rules as 2/3rds rather then 2/3rds of participants, so we are now going with a minimum of 20% of members which is enough to protect against a small group trying to rush things through.


Simon Lees (Simotek)

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