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Re: [opensuse-project] Proposal for Decision Making Process for the formation of our Foundation

On 06/06/2019 22:41, Richard Brown wrote:
- The result of any vote that receives less than 2/3s of the current
membership will not be considered binding, but will be considered
- The openSUSE Board will then be expected to interpret that
indicative result and conduct its own vote on the topic, requiring a
2/3s majority for any decision.

I agree with everything but this part, 66% is an insanely high quorum by any voting system standards, even us who do a good job of cleaning up inactive membership.

Generally the purpose of having a Quorum (minimal number of voting members for a vote to be binding) is to prevent cases where a small group of members (say 10) get together call a snap vote then win with a majority because they were the only people involved.

Thinking beyond the topic of name which a number of people have a strong opinion of its likely that in many cases people will not care enough to vote and this should be ok, but combined with people who are "inactive" but still keep there membership I fear that in many cases we maybe well under 66%. So I'd prefer the following statement.

- 25% of the membership must vote in a ballot before it is considered binding, any vote under 25% shall be treated as the membership not having a strong opinion and it shall be upto the board to determine the best resolution for the issue.

- 2 weeks notice must be given prior to a vote on all the projects primary communications channels[1] and the voting period shall be no less then 5 days.

- All new membership requests received within the first week of a vote being called must be processed before the vote may commence.

With these 3 clauses I feel that we are giving every member more then adequate chance to voice there opinion should they want to and its not leaving the board in an awkward position to deal with alot of issues that might not reach 66% of turnout (does anyone have stats on the turnouts of board elections), i'm sure that they are regularly under 66%


1. Currently the openSUSE project mailing list and i guess but i'm not explicitly listing them because they may change over time.


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