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Re: [opensuse-project] Project name and logo discussion

On 6/5/19 10:23 AM, Richard Brown wrote:
On Wed, 5 Jun 2019 at 16:12, Robert Schweikert <rjschwei@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

And your statement is not consistent with statements made in the open
Board meeting at Osc and not consistent with what was stated by Richard,
let me repeat:

The primary motivator for the Foundation is to better handle financial
transactions and to attract sponsors - period.

I am not implying that related topics should be ignored, but we should
give them proper weight.

The discussion in this thread mostly focuses around control of the mark
and why that may or more may not be important.

Based on that it appears to me that the first question we need to answer
for ourselves is if it is important to control the mark, and how
important it is?

And that is being discussed with arguments on either side of the topic.

The rest follows from there. The original question, paraphrased, "change
the name or not?" becomes superfluous once we agree, possibly vote on,
whether complete control of the mark is something that we want or not.

But again it all flows from the answer to the question, what is the
driving factor, or more broadly formulated, what are the driving
factors? And then the follow on question, what is the relative
importance of the various factors.

Based on the discussion it would appear that topics around the mark are
more important than handling the finances. Otherwise one would think
we'd talk about how it would work to open accounts, where they would be
located, if there would be membership dues, if we get hardware where
that would be located etc. Basically things around financial and
sponsorship topics. None of those topics are going to be straight
forward. Yet the majority of the messages are around the mark.

And here is the crux, two different answers to the same question. One
person proclaiming the main factor is financial and another proclaiming
that risks associated with not owning the mark are the driving factors.

And yes certainly we can in some way construct a way in which owning the
mark is connected to money.

This thread isn't the "lets sort out all the topics around the
Foundation" thread.

The Board have made their decision regarding the Foundation, it's
going to happen, and sure, you list above a whole bunch of subsequent
decisions that need to be discussed and then made.

This thread is titled "Project name and logo discussion" and was
started by Stasiek to discuss one of those related topics.
It's one close to his heart, as the most active contributor to all of
our branding across the Project. I respect that, and it makes sense to
me that this is one of the hotter topics to some members in our
community even if it was 'out of scope' of the Boards motivation for
deciding to go towards a Foundation.

Therefore, all of my replies on this thread have kept to the topic of
the thread.
When discussing this in the context of the Foundation, sure I've
heavily focused only the aspects of the Foundation discussion that are
relevant to this threads topic of "Name and Logo" - the
Trademark..because, well, I think it should be obvious, the Trademark
is the primary, if not only, part of the Foundation discussion that is
remotely relevant to the topic of this thread.

There is only a crux, conflict, or confusion if you conflate the topic
of this thread with all the other aspects of the Foundation discussion
we're going to need to discuss eventually.

But I'd say it would be hell of a lot better for everyone if we
actually kept this thread on topic and just addressed the Name/Logo
topic here and now.

And how can one form an opinion about that if one does not know if collectively we think that control of the mark is important or not?

We need to answer the underlying question....


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