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Re: [opensuse-project] Project name and logo discussion
  • From: Pierre Böckmann <pb@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 05 Jun 2019 10:23:21 +0200
  • Message-id: <3499485.8VJgc8q9uc@linux-u0tl>
On Tuesday, 4 June 2019 19:11:54 CEST Thorsten Bro | openSUSE Heroes wrote:
Hi all,

Am 04.06.19 um 18:38 schrieb Klaas Freitag:
Am 04.06.19 um 14:06 schrieb Sarah Julia Kriesch:


In the best case, we are allowed to keep our name and SUSE wants to
continue the cooperation with all the benefits. The Board is allowed to
make all important decisions then.

ownCloud has used the openSUSE project as a role model with the openSUSE
Board and the community. The only difference should be, that partners
can buy one position in the ownCloud Board. Their problem is, that most
Contributors are ownCloud employees.>
I am not sure these statements are true. And also I would not call the
ownCloud Foundation a great success so far. Unfortunately.

from what I see so far, the role-model did not work out best for
ownCloud maybe. But I guess to trust Klaas here is not the worst idea.

But for the other fact Sarah stated out - that we are a world-famous and
best-known Linux distribution - I would like you to consider the facts
on this and really ask - is the openSUSE brand a well-known, worldwide
brand? Or is it just SUSE and we are the copycat/free rider along their
fame and marketing department? [1]

Yes, the brand openSUSE is well-known in the openSUSE community. But
changing a name should be quite fast known by everybody in the community.

In the outside-world - the brand openSUSE is barely visible - from what
you can see from the posted statistics. Compared to our
"brand-competitors" if you would like to call them so - like Ubuntu
(market leader) Debian (stable second) and Fedora (even better than us).
Only speaking about, visibility and market-share (which you can measure
from Google Trends) not talking about code quality or technical details.

So if you think of changing a name, make it a BIG press release - and
maybe this will start people looking into openSUSE and actually move the
community forward by adding new people and even more visibility ;).

See it as a chance, not as a burden. If we find a cool and catchy name
for this project, I would vote for taking this opportunity to solve all
those legal issues and use the drives which comes from this media
coverage ;).



Hi everyone!

I closely followed this topic and already posted on github and in the openSUSE
Facebook group about my own opinion. I want to have that seen here, too, so
that those of you not following the github discussion or the group on Facebook
don't miss what I think about the topic.

I know it's a highly controversial topic and we shouldn't miss on the risks of
a brand change. But we shouldn't miss on the chances coming with it either. So
here is what I think:

Keeping the name openSUSE would be a legal issue because the logo and name
include those of SUSE. This simply leads to copyright and trademark issues. A
potential foundation - which is a very good idea to have btw - would in it's
pure existence be dependent on SUSE granting the right to use the name and
branding / trademarks etc.

So the best way I see is - if the openSUSE community really wants to be able
to easily act like one on a legal basis - we will need to change the name and
the branding.

But I don't think that this does us or the distro(s) any harm as well as I
don't care about a name change at all. Sure, it is a risk and it would be sad
to give up on a name we got used to. But in the end it's just a name and I
always thought that other distributions have names that sound better and look
better and have more beautiful logos, too.
I am using openSUSE not because of it's name or logo or brand - I do use it
because I think that we have one of the most advanced linux distros out there
as well as one of the best communities.

So, we need to find a fitting name and brand that much like CentOS is unique
but still is able to establish some healthy connection to our roots in SUSE.
And I think that CentOS is an excellent example on how to have a unique
branding that has nothing to do with the Red Hat roots, but still maintaining
and establishing a good reputation for being a free and open Red Hat
alternative delivering a stable and pleasant Red Hat Enterprise experience.

I am therefore convinced that we might benefit from a unique brand that maybe
even isn't directly connected or referencing SUSE, green, a chameleon etc.

I even had an idea. How about naming the foundation "Leap Foundation". Leap is
tied and connected to openSUSE and therefore to SUSE, but still unique and
earned some good reputation for being an excellent enterprise class operating
We might then think about a renaming of Tumbleweed. But to be honest I never
liked the name anyways. My suggestion would be to call it "Leap Infinity" or
"Leap infin8" or something alike.

Think about it. What ever happens to the naming though, I really love the idea
of a backing foundation behind the openSUSE community.

Just my 2 cents.

Have a great day, all and
kind regards

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