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Re: [opensuse-project] Project name and logo discussion
On 6/3/19 2:35 AM, Richard Brown wrote:
So whatever your views, please sound off in this thread, even if your
view is already echoed by others.

Do you think openSUSE should change it's name?

I feel there is a LOT of brand equity in openSUSE. Changing the name
will require a LONG time to rebuild that equity. And the field of Linux
distros/projects is already very cluttered with unrecognizable names,
some misleading names, that come and go. The rapid coming-and-going
names cause mistrust and disinterest.

I think we should keep the openSUSE name: for stability, for long-term
recognition of what we stand for, and for continued capitalization on
what is known and trusted.

I recognize the potential of the opportunity here. This is a time that
might not come again in quite so favorable circumstances, to launch a
new brand and to stand unique. But I personally don't see the potential
benefit(s) outperforming the strengths and permanence of remaining openSUSE.

That's my contribution to the discussion, for whatever it's worth.
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