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[opensuse-project] 2019-04-02 board meeting minutes

== Foundation/Independence ==
* I would say to focus on resolving current issues with SUSE and do not look
for changing this relationship dramatically. If there is problem with funds
going to Project through SUSE - set up backup way to do this. Analogicaly with
hardware donations. For other problems there could be other solutions. If
joining some umbrella foundation solves current problems without generating
pack of new then why not.

== mail hosting using ==
I do not want this, but I'm not against it.
I'm very lucky (as it seems) person to have no problems with spam filtering (as
my e-mail provider does it) and sending from alias (as my provider allows it).

thank you very much and regards,
Patryk „Sanchez” Zera

17.4.19 (Śr), Christian Boltz <opensuse@xxxxxxxxx> napisał(a):

Temat: [opensuse-project] 2019-04-02 board meeting minutes
Do: opensuse-project@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Data: 17 Kwiecień 2019 (Środa), 22:13


here are the meeting minutes of the
2019-04-02 board meeting.
If you prefer the wiki formatting, you
can also read them on

There are some items with a "feedback
welcome" - if you want to comment
on them (or the other things), feel
free to answer here or to board@

== Foundation/Independence ==

* we need to decide which way (e.V.,
joining an umbrella foundation)
  makes sense - topic for the face
to face meeting, feedback on
  opensuse-project@ is of course
* Simon will write up a summary of the
options of umbrella foundations
* in general feedback from SUSE about
becoming independent is positive,
  but we've also heard a concern
that independence could be driven by
  fundamental things, not
practical reasons
* if ever needed, we could ignore
whatever SUSE does and go our own way  
* a foundation / independence would
make legal stuff like GDPR our
   * Simon will talk to Ciaran how
we could handle GDPR and other legal

== mail hosting using ==

We have an offer from Heinlein /
mailbox org to make mail
addresses real mailboxes.

Do our members want this? (Feedback on
opensuse-project and @oSC

== GDPR request == 
openSUSE received a GDPR request which
now gets handled by the
responsible people.

== Cloudfest in Rust ==

We've seen the discussion on the
opensuse-project mailinglist why
openSUSE wasn't at Cloudfest.

* base requirement (as always) is to
have volunteers
* commercial booth prices are insane,
we'd have to find out if they
  offer free community booths


Christian Boltz
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