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Re: [opensuse-project] Mail-Address sponsoring (was: Re: 2019-04-02 board meeting minutes)
Le dimanche 21 avril 2019 à 05:56:29, Lars Vogdt a écrit :
On Sun, 21 Apr 2019 12:33:21 +0200 Christian Boltz <opensuse@xxxxxxxxx>
This also means that there are still
some open questions we'll have to check and answer.

Absolutely understandable - and I just wanted to add the basic
questions above for some "impressions" about what needs to be

Especially with GDPR and all latest changes, I salute you to your
courage to open this can of worms! :-)

About GDPR itself, I guess that in such case, the email provider is
responsible for providing a GDPR compliant service. So would not this option
put a lesser burden on openSUSE if the project don't have to deal with it ?

- obviously, this also means Heinlein will need/get a list of all mail addresses and their alias target.

Why does this need to happen?

If I remember correctly, Heroes complaint about the complexity of the
openSUSE mail system already (because it is connected to the SUSE
development/testing mailsystem) - now you want to move it to another
company. How does this make things easier?

Does "reaching independence from SUSE" means being independent from any help

I would in turn recommend to start with the final separation of the
openSUSE infrastructure from SUSE:
1) setup/register your own offical DNS servers (as you have the
internal ones already, this should not be that complicated)
2) setup own MX server (you can clone the ones, if you like)
3) speak with MF-IT about the forums, blogs and authentication stuff

=> each of these steps is independent. But with 1 & 2 the openSUSE
heroes would have the full flexibility to look at the Mailsystem or any
other new service in their timeframe and with their power.

I share the views espressed above as I see the benefits of being fully self
hosted and have the full control of our infrastructure. On the other hand,
it will a) require a lot of manpower which is a limited ressource, b) seems
a bit like reinventing the wheel when we have someone (that apparently some
members here seems to trust) that is willing to help.

Sébastien 'sogal' Poher

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