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Re: [opensuse-project] 2019-04-02 board meeting minutes

Hi Christian,

Am 17.04.19 um 22:13 schrieb Christian Boltz:

thanks for the report.

== Foundation/Independence ==

* we need to decide which way (e.V., joining an umbrella foundation)
makes sense - topic for the face to face meeting, feedback on
opensuse-project@ is of course welcome

I apologize if I missed the note, but can you point me to the vision document of an independent openSUSE? I am sure if you guys discuss such an fundamental move, there is some writeup?

Not really, the only things we officially heard were short blurs in minutes :/

The big discussion about this happened right after the announcement of EQT
wanting to buy SUSE last year. It should be somewhere in the archives.
(You can blame me for this entire discussion as well :P)

The best materials about Foundation talks were the ones from 2010/2011.

* Simon will write up a summary of the options of umbrella foundations
* in general feedback from SUSE about becoming independent is positive,
but we've also heard a concern that independence could be driven by
fundamental things, not practical reasons

What else could that be than "fundamental things" that would drive us away? If Mom is doing the laundry and serving lunch on Sundays, why would you ever move out? Not for practical reasons, right?

That obviously depends if your parents don't start asking you for money for
services they provide when you start earning some for yourself. A long family
tradition here :D

* if ever needed, we could ignore whatever SUSE does and go our own way

Sorry to say it that bluntly, but this sounds a bit naive.

What I managed to gather, SUSE has not been against the idea yet.

* a foundation / independence would make legal stuff like GDPR our
* Simon will talk to Ciaran how we could handle GDPR and other legal

For sure Ciaran is one of the most friendliest and helpful lawyers this planet has, but he is a SUSE employee. I am sure you want to ask him in his role of a community member, but hey, to me that feels a bit like asking Daddy to organize the moveout. We should not put him in that situation.

Wouldn't it be a good exercise to find an independent lawyer, work the topic through with her, and in the end make sure that costs are handled?

Costs for lawyering would also need to be paid with SUSE money most likely :P

Adding to GDPR, there are reasons beyond foundation itself to start thinking
about account system for openSUSE services that is not relying on Micro Focus
or SUSE. It might be a good idea to start looking into noggin and ipsilon
(especially since we need to have a replacement for old Novell OpenID).
Help with that required, it's not a one person job.

Beyond that, a bunch of other migrations from Micro Focus hosted services,
a bunch of servers still rely on old infra there, would be awesome if there
were move volounteres helping out with migration (for more details though,
ask heroes@xxxxxxxxxxxx)

== mail hosting using ==

We have an offer from Heinlein / mailbox org to make mail
addresses real mailboxes.

Do our members want this? (Feedback on opensuse-project and @oSC

I like the idea.

I don't hate the idea, but it opens up the possibility to integrate too much
of openSUSE resources into closed source services (since client
is closed sourced). Although I'm using their services, so I probably don't have
too much say in this :D

LCP [Stasiek]

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