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Re: [opensuse-project] Can't start smbd and nmbd after upgrade from Leap 42.3 to 15.0

Am Montag, 1. April 2019, 19:28:03 CEST schrieb Carlos E.R.:
On 01/04/2019 18.28, Johannes Weberhofer wrote:
After upgrading to Leap 15 I always get the following errors when
starting uü smbd (or nmbd).

Apr 01 14:31:29 herkules smbd[10591]: [2019/04/01 14:31:29.723286,
0] ../lib/util/pidfile.c:111(pidfile_create)
Apr 01 14:31:29 herkules smbd[10591]: ERROR: can't open
/run/samba/ Error was Permission denied
Apr 01 14:31:29 herkules systemd[1]: smb.service: Main process
exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE
Apr 01 14:31:29 herkules systemd[1]: Failed to start Samba SMB

Disabling the profiles in apparmor solves the issue for me, but
isn't there a better solution?

Yes, running "aa-logprof" and adjusting the profile.

That, and please open a bugreport with the additional rules or (better)
the relevant lines from /var/log/audit/audit.log so that I can update
the profiles.

The interesting thing here is that the smbd profile has
/{,var/}run/samba/ rw,
since 2011, therefore I'm a bit surprised about the errors you quoted.
One more reason for a bugreport with the audit.log attached ;-)

BTW: opensuse-project is for project / non-technical discussions.
Please use opensuse-factory or opensuse-support for technical questions
in the future.


Christian Boltz
There's such a thing as real life? Is it packages for openSUSE yet?
Will there be a YaST2 module for easy configuration? Is it going to be
included in 11.2 or is it so complex it's going to have to wait until
11.3? More importantly, will it be on the DVD, or would people need to
use one of the online repos to download it?
[David Bolt in opensuse-packaging]

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