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Re: [opensuse-project] No Unsubscribe Link, Poor Etiquette: Re: [openSUSE admin - tickets #48914] (Rejected) Please Shut Down Election Officials Mail List: Fwd: [election-officials] E-mail for Investment 2
On 3/10/19 1:59 AM, Per Jessen wrote:
Fraser_Bell wrote:

On 3/9/19 12:29 AM, admin@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
[openSUSE Tracker]
Issue #48914 has been updated by pjessen.

Status changed from New to Rejected
Private changed from Yes to No

You only have to unsubscribe.

I see no unsubscribe link in any of the e-mails, which brings me to
the question of "WHY NOT???", since that is Universal Mailing List

Most of our lists have a footer like this:

To unsubscribe, e-mail: whicheverlist+unsubscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxx
To contact the owner, email: whicheverlist+owner@xxxxxxxxxxxx

For some reason, 'election-officials' does not. I have added it.

Thanks for confirming, Per. However, I will still apologize, as it turns out -- and has been pointed out to me -- the usual case with our mail lists is that they *do* have such a link. I did not see that.

Also, as Richard Brown points out, this might have been seen as some attempt to embarrass you personally, which *most certainly* is *not* the case.

I have always had great respect for the work you do, and I have been pleased many times as you have quickly helped me in many instances and at others have patiently explained to me that I am doing things wrong.

Therefore, I am truly sorry if I gave any impression that I was criticizing you.

On the contrary, I have nothing but high praise for you and all you do.

I hope that is now clear to all who followed this.

-Gerry Makaro
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