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Re: [opensuse-project] Last Board Meeting Minutes - 11 Aug 1500 CEST (4 months since last report?)
Hi Bruno,

Conferences, travel, high workloads, and personal engagements have led
to a number of board meetings being cancelled, but we have had several
in the last few months, I'll do what I can to get the minutes
published when I have some time (Not much of that over the holiday

The dominant theme of all openSUSE Board activities in the last 4
months has been the encouragement, oversight, and support of the
ongoing situation with openSUSE Infrastructure, including the
excellent work of the openSUSE Heroes and the
improvement/replacement/relocation of parts of the openSUSE
Infrastructure hosted by Micro Focus.

Michal has been working on the Membership tidy up, as you can tell by
the incorrect flagging of inactivity we all suffered. As you can tell
from the quoted minutes above, the Board will not be investigating any
changes to the election process until after that tidy up is
(satisfactorily) completed.


Richard Brown
openSUSE Chairman

On 21 December 2016 at 13:43, Bruno Friedmann <bruno@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I just wonder why our Board didn't share any update about what's going on
since 4 months.

There's several topics I guess which should have move a bit no ?
Like Helios voting system, or we will still use connect.

Before the elections phase 1, a personnal, or common reviews of our community
state would be really appreciate.

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Subject: [opensuse-project] Board Meeting Minutes - 11 Aug 1500 CEST
Date: vendredi, 12 août 2016, 17.26:44 h CET
From: Richard Brown <RBrownCCB@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: opensuse-project <opensuse-project@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

# Board Meeting Minutes 11 Aug 1500 CEST

## Present

- Richard Brown - Chair

- Kostas Koudaras
- Tomas Chvatal
- Michal Hrušecký
- Andrew Wafaa (Treasurer)

## Absent

- Bryan Lunduke - Rescheduled meeting incompatible with Timezone difference
- Gertjan Lettink - Technical Difficulties

## General Items
This meeting was carried out on Thursday 11th as too many people were
absent on Monday 9th Aug

### openSUSE Asia
The Board has been invited to give a keynote at openSUSE Asia - Bryan
Lunduke will be attending and providing the keynote

The Board is aware the CFP for openSUSE Asia has been well responded
to, but not from Europe - CALL FOR HELP - If you are from Europe and
interested in doing a talk at openSUSE, please submit your talk now!

### Travel Support Programme
Andrew will be on vacation during the busiest period for openSUSE Asia
TSP applications. Michal & Gertjan are considering whether they can
help cover this period.

### Bugzilla
The Board have recieved a complaint regarding a bugzilla contributor
using very abrasive language and attacking other contributors in
AI: Michal to write a warning email.

### Brasil
Aslan C. de M. Ramos (aslan.ramos@xxxxxxxx) has stepped up to encorage
and boost the openSUSE community in Brasil. If you're in Brasil and
interested in representing openSUSE at local events, please get in
touch with Aslan.

### LinuxCon NA & Europe
SUSE are Platinium sponsors of both events, and due to the community
nature of LinuxCon want to make sure openSUSE is a big part of their
presence there. For LinuxCon NA in a few weeks openSUSE will have a
significant portion of the booth and several demo machines showing
openSUSE Tumbleweed & Leap. For LinuxCon Europe plans are still being
discussed but a similar strong openSUSE presence is expected.
Anyone who happens to be going to either event and is willing to help
out please contact rbrown@xxxxxxxx

### GSoC Mentors
Google are sponsoring a summit for GSoC mentors. There is budget to
send two people, but there was 3 candidates. The GSoC mentors all
agreed on the name of one of the mentors who would go, but asked the
Board to conduct a lottery to decide on the second person.
We're happy to be able to say that Hernan Schmidt and Christopher
Bruckmayer will be going to the GSoC Mentors summit to represent
Thanks to them and all of our GSoC mentors for making this a great
summer for our GSoCers.

### Trademark Request
The Board have heard from the members with the outstanding Trademark
request. Local legal requirements complicate our proposed solution.
Negotiations ongoing.

### Membership Tidyup
No action as Michal is busy moving house

### Infrastructure
The Board is really pleased to see the new "openSUSE Heroes" team
stepping up to help improve the situation with our infrastructure.
AI: Board to monitor the situation - Richard to continuing having
regular meetings with Roland and Lars to drive progress in this area.

### SLE Packages
The Board has spotted a number of cases in Leap 42.2 Alpha 2 where
packages inherited from SLE are newer than the ones available in
Tumbleweed or Devel Repos.
Reminders seem to have helped, but problem still ongoing.
AI: Richard to send both general and directed reminders internally at
SUSE to remind them of the SUSE company policy to contribute to
Tumbleweed before/in parralel/in sync with their work on SLE.

## Action Item Review

Due to the large number of action items, the progress of these will be
split into 3 sections

- DONE; This task is complete and will not be discussed in future meetings
- WIP; This task is in progress, and will be discussed in future meetings
- TODO; This task is still waiting for some progress by the Board

### DONE

### WIP

Board + Ludwig to figure out what to do with all the Volunteers for
the "openSUSE Release Team"
*Richard & Ludwig to discuss*

Board is discussing some ideas with our various Desktop Teams

Michal is retiring and doing the Membership
tooling and maintenance.

Tomas has talked with Craig about OBS team preparing the code for
maintaner tidyup
*Feature in OBS teams TODO*

Bryan has started arrange informal exploratory discussions with
ownCloud, nextCloud and Kolab about closer relationships. Had some
good chats at oSC 16.
*Bryan to keep driving*

Kostas is reaching out to our few bloggers on
about moving to other platforms.

Richard has been talking to Douglas about the possibility of moving to a new blogging platform. Richard's personal blog
is running a potential candidate (Jekyll with custom openSUSE theme.

### TODO

Board to request release-team@xxxxxxxxxxxx list for the Release Team

Board to investigate alternatives for voting & membership management
_To be done after the Membership Tidy Up_

Tomas will investigate Helios voting system for openSUSE

Richard to review/tune up filtering in current system so trademark
enquiries don't get lost

Tomas will talk with Andrew and Marketing teams about possible Kickstarter

Board intends to create a skeleton of the getting started guides to
help people get started with Using, Joining, and Partnering with
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Bruno Friedmann
Ioda-Net Sàrl
Bareos Partner, openSUSE Member, fsfe fellowship
GPG KEY : D5C9B751C4653227
irc: tigerfoot

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