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[opensuse-project] Wiki status update

good news: after a month of hunting a) spammers and b) server admins,
the needed wiki extensions to prevent and delete wiki spam finally got
installed and the database updated so that those extensions can work.
(Done in the english wiki, the others will follow.)

This means the wiki is editable again :-)

It also means we now have an easy way to block spam, and can mass-delete
existing spam pages.

As every good news, there's also a bit of bad news - the database update
cleared all cache, which means the wiki is terribly slow at the moment.

BTW: If I accidently delete something that was not spam while doing the
mass deletion, please tell me ;-)

For those who are interested in details:
- the Nuke and AbuseFilter extensions were installed
- I just added the first spam filter - let's see how it works out (and
tell me if it accidently produces false positives [1])
- I just started to delete all the spam. If someone has admin
permissions on the english wiki and wants to help, head over to and enter something like %1_8%
as page title search term. It uses MySQL LIKE syntax, as a regex the
example means .*1.8.* (the "all pages" list will give you more
spam page titles if you sort by creation date)
- If you are interested in helping with AbuseFilter rules, see and
for documentation.

If you reply to this mail, please answer only to one list. Cross-posting
the announcement is enough ;-)


Christian Boltz

[1] Funnily I was the first victim of the spam filter ;-)

I didn't exclude the 'delete' action on the first attemp. When I
tried to delete pages with spammy title, this was denied because
the page title matched the spam filter ;-)

Lesson learned: I need to exclude the 'delete' action from the filter ;-)

For Geralds problem "rpm -e digikam-doc" would be the solution: nobody
is going to read 19.3MB of documentation anyway, given that people do
not even read short README's :-P [Stefan Seyfried in opensuse-factory]

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