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Re: [opensuse-project] oSC16 - Organizing Team Meeting 7 Notes

Am Donnerstag, 24. März 2016, 09:22:08 CET schrieb ddemaio:
Week 7 notes ->

Since I missed the beginning of the meeting, let me comment on one

| 17:09:00 <ddemaio> Go Karting had the strongest response followed
| by a tie for the historical tour and city sightseeing.

It seems you counted only the "Let's do this" (let's call it 5 stars)
votes and ignored everything else, even the "It could be cool" (4 stars)

When I look at the sum of the 4 and 5 star votes, the result is slightly
different - beer tasting would win, followed by the two sightseeing
options. Interestingly the beer tasting and go karting also have most
"not a chance" votes.

If I calculate the average of all votes (with "not a chance" as 1 star
and "Let's do this" as 5 stars), the city sightseeing wins, followed by
the cellar tour.

I'd propose to offer two two tours - go karting and the sightseeing
tour. (Sorry for proposing to make your life harder ;-)

IMHO that brings two advantages:
- none of the tours is too crowded (I'd guess the go karting ends up as
mostly "watch go karting" if we go there with 100 persons)
- we make the people happy that chose "Not a chance" for go karting

I'm one of those who selected "Not a chance" for go karting ;-) [1]

If someone is interested in the details:
- original survey:
- my calculation:


Christian Boltz

[1] There's nothing wrong with go karting, but it's something you can do
basically everywhere. OTOH, something like a sightseeing tour of
Nuremberg is obviously only possible in Nuremberg ;-)
Sorry for being pedantic about this,
No problem, I have been wrong before, ask my wife :-)
[> Robert Schweikert and Per Jessen in opensuse-project]

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