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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE Members retirement
Robert Schweikert píše v Po 21. 03. 2016 v 11:01 -0400:
On 03/21/2016 10:45 AM, PatrickD Garvey wrote:

I want to emphasize the "Link Rot" aspect of disabling an email
address. It has been mentioned, but doesn't seem to be generating
awareness of the problem it represents.

Email addresses are not just used in store and forward
systems. They are used in mailing list and forum communication.
are also in design, training, use and standards documents and bug
reports. They appear in old blog and news articles. It is not
inappropriate for someone looking for additional historical
information to attempt communication with a "retired" participant.
former colleagues at my previous employers know where to find me.

How do you view the side effect of disabling the forwarding of
sent to an address on these uses?

Yes, I also think this is a problem and IMHO a very undesirable side
effect of the decisions made at the Board F2F meeting. Michal K., I
think, provided a very nice description of the problem.

However the reaction has been that those participating in the
have been accused of not reading the meeting minutes and follow up
messages. Additionally there appears to be the insistence that there
not really an impact by the coming changes.

Michal K. even proposed a potential solution that would allow the
guarding" of for only active members but this also
to be conveniently ignored.

The more or less logical conclusion from this would be to not use if you have one, as it may become disabled at some
in the future and then people have no way of contacting you.


I still find your complaint about "suddenly loosing contact" quite
If the person won't react in couple of months on request to confirm
his/her presence what makes you think such person would react on any
other mail sent to that address.
Most of the projects actually do the same if they retire somebody.
Think of it like company email. You get one while you "work" on the
thing and if you decide to move on the email changes. Or did any of
your former employers let you keep your email. Or when I think of it
did your university let you keep your student email?
Also we can be really really nice and actually keep the aliases on
autoreply that would say something like "Hello this guy is no longer
with us, last known email address is bla@xxxxxxxxxxx".

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