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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE Board Face-to-Face Meeting 2016 Minutes - Part 3/3
On 21 March 2016 at 12:33, Henne Vogelsang <hvogel@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

thanks for sharing the Minutes.

On 20.03.2016 14:46, Richard Brown wrote:

- Wiki:
1) In order to fix the wiki quickly ,the board approved the
idea of deploying the latest version of mediawiki on a new server
without branding
2) branding can always be redone later

Can you please elaborate on what it is that needs fixing?

- Blogs/Planet:
1) Only a handful of people use Planet, but it takes a lot of
resources to keep it running. We want to shut it down, and encourage
it's users move to their own blogs, which will then be aggregated on

I'm guessing you are talking about lizards that you want to shut down right?
I think it would be an awesome project to attract web-developers if we could
maintain an openSUSE Lizard theme for a number of the popular blog engines
(wordpress, ghost, jekyll, tumblr). This would also help people on Lizards
to migrate more easily.

Yes, I'm talking about lizards, not planet

And I like the idea, and think we should do it, but openSUSE doesn't
need to run those blogging platforms

- News.o.o:
1) Wordpress consumes too many resources and poses too many
security risks

Can you elaborate on how you came to this conclusion?

Our infrastructure admins

- Legal layout of Board/membership:
The current layout of the Board Election Rules, Membership
Rules, and such are sometimes confusing and missing some details
The documents will be updated and restructured to be more clear
This should set the framework for discussing any reforms of
the Membership process once the Membership tidy-up is complete

I hope you are aware that this would need approval from all Members. Please
do not fiddle with the rules that govern the Board on your own.

The intent of what we describe above is primarily a restructuring
about which document which rules live in, because the current ruleset
is somewhat fragmented. The intend is to have little or no practical
Any changes to the Election Rules will require a vote by the board
with a 2/3s majority including the Chair, or a Members vote with a
2/3s majority, as stated in our rules
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