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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE Board Face-to-Face Meeting 2016 Minutes - Part 3/3

Am Sonntag, 20. März 2016, 14:46:34 CET schrieb Richard Brown:
- Wiki:
1) In order to fix the wiki quickly ,the board approved the
idea of deploying the latest version of mediawiki on a new server
without branding
2) branding can always be redone later

Installing two extensions to prevent and get rid of the spam should be
easily possible with our old mediawiki version. The trick is to use the
1.22 branch of the extensions instead of master (which is for the latest
mediawiki version).

That said - give me SSH access [1], and I can do it ;-)

Updating to the latest mediawiki is a good idea nevertheless, but it
might bring one or two surprises. Let's first fix the spam problem before
we open that can of worms ;-)

- Blogs/Planet:
1) Only a handful of people use Planet, but it takes a lot of
resources to keep it running. We want to shut it down, and encourage
it's users move to their own blogs, which will then be aggregated on

Are you confusing lizards with planet here?

- News.o.o:
1) Wordpress consumes too many resources and poses too many
security risks
2) Replace with something lightweight
AI: Richard talk with Douglas about this

For improved security, I can recommend Serendipity (aka s9y) which I'm
using since years.

I'm not sure about resource usage since my blog doesn't have the number
of visitors we have on news.o.o ;-) but a) I've seen wordpress setups
that need 30 seconds to deliver a "404 not found" page, so it can only
be better and b) it's quite easy to setup a static cache with a bit of
mod_rewrite trickery.

- get Infra team to provide list of services we have, soon to help
with this endevour

That list will be interesting (and quite long - I'd guess the DNS admin
is the only one who can list all services), so please make it public ;-)


Christian Boltz

[1] SSH access to enstage.o.o should be enough (assuming it's in sync
with the production wikis), but I won't object if you also give me
access to all production wikis ;-)
* cboltz wonders if jjohansen already regrets
calling me "a devs walking nightmare"
<jjohansen> cboltz: no it still fits :P
[from #apparmor]

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