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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE Board Face-to-Face Meeting 2016 Minutes - Part 1/3

Am Sonntag, 20. März 2016, 13:31:18 CET schrieb Richard Brown:
We discussed the shape of how we'd like to see the wiki
We all agreed want to see a big tidy up. Many of the Portals have
little benefit and serve little purpose. We want to see the namespaces
removed/flattened to help the search

Please don't confuse the search with the wiki layout ;-)

I'm not saying that the wiki doesn't need cleanup, but configuring the
search is independent on that. For example, instead of searching only
some namespaces by default and ignoring everything else, it should be
configured to give those namespaces a higher weight, but still search all
other namespaces (with reduced weight, so that results from them usually
appear at the end of the search results). That's possible and was
already discussed long time ago, but nobody implemented it. (One more
thing that needs direct access to the server or at least the config

Software search would continue as it is...but we considered some
problems with that
The current implementation of One-Click installs is often dangerous.
Because they add all the repos setup in the OBS repo you often end up
with crazy things like Factory:ARM repos being added on systems where
they are not relevant
Furthermore, making it very easy to install packages from
'non-official' repos dramatically reduces the motivation and impetus
for developers to put their packages in the Distribution
Having packages in the Distribution though is the best way to ensure
your package works, is tested, and is integrated
So we would like to see One Click only pulling from the official
repos If Packages are not in the official repos, we would like the
software search to put users in touch with devel project maintainers
to encourage the packages be added to the distributions

I understand the goal, but this sounds like it would make things harder
for users. Even if a user can encourage a package maintainer to submit a
package to the distribution, it can (for Leap) take months until that
package is officially available as part of the distribution.

That completely breaks the idea of being user-friendly ;-)
People who are searching for a package need it *now*, not after a long
fight ;-) with the maintainer. I'd guess most of them don't really care
if the package comes from the official repo or from home:donttrustme ;-)

Counter-proposal: get download statistics (for both one click install
and "normal" repo usage) and contact the maintainers of the most popular
packages to get those packages added to the distribution.

It might also be a good idea to make the download statistics of each
package visible on build.o.o.

Provo datacenter has room and bandwidth, but limited admins. SUSE have
an engineer moving from Nuremberg to Provo to help illivate that

There's nothing wrong with moving an engeneer to Provo, but for most
cases - SSH exists ;-)

Discussed the current wiki problems. Roland volunteered to help drive
a solution

I'm *really* looking forward to get this done quickly - ideally in a
timeframe like "yesterday" ;-)


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