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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE 13.1 - Preparation for Evergreen

On 12/18/2015 09:55 PM, Basil Chupin wrote:
On 16/12/15 05:37, jdd wrote:
Le 15/12/2015 17:25, James Mason a écrit :

2. If you _really_ see a need to change things, you should put your
efforts into a run for the board;
sure, don't forget we are on election time :-).

Well Richard and Basil are both people with strong commitment, and I'm
glad of this.

such discussion is often hard to follow, including for me.

May be it could be better to go back to the real subject: how to have
an Evergreen distribution next month, for at least one year?


Look, I really do not know what this thing is about having 13.1 as an

Apart from someone stating some time ago that 13.1 will be Evergreen,
what reason is there REALLY for having 13.1 as an Evergreen?

What is it about 13.1 which is so special? Is it to do with being 32-bit
-- but 13.2 is 32-bit (and which is what I have "pushed" to become
Evergreen")? Or is it simply that some people have taken onboard that
someone said that 13.1 will be Evergreen and have installed it and so
are now spitting the dummy because what they were told is now in
jeopardy? They will have to upgrade sooner or later so what's the REAL
complaint about this?

Desktop or server is totally immaterial as far as 13.1 is concerned --
either one will HAVE to be replaced/upgraded.

So what IS the big "thing" about 13.1 Evergreen?

Educate me -- if not here then by private mail please.


From memory It was something along the lines of 11.4 was the last evergreen release and 13.1 seemed like a good stable release and came around at a time that would give reasonable opportunity for 11.4 evergreen users to migrate to the next evergreen release (13.1). That was far more of a consideration then anything 32/64 bit which probably wasn't mentioned.


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