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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE 13.1 - Preparation for Evergreen

On 12/18/2015 09:24 PM, Basil Chupin wrote:
On 16/12/15 01:01, Richard Brown wrote:
To me the wherefore of, say, how repositories should be managed is the
responsibility of Stephan Kulow and Stephan alone.
Stephan Kulow is the Release Manager of openSUSE. He has broad
responsibilities, but I do not think they extend to the Build Targets
of Repositories managed by other Teams.
Ahem... You "... do not think ..." that Stephan's responsibilities
extend to Build Targets of Repositories?!

Well, ill bite and reply to just this line seen as its vaguely on the original topic, as the release manager of openSUSE Stephan has responsibility for setting the build targets for openSUSE Leap / Tumbleweed, for example making the call that 586 is not sufficiently maintained to be a core arch and should be a port. It is not his responsibility to set the build targets for every development repository, for example as the maintainer of enlightenment its my responsibility to set the built targets for X11:Enlightenment:Factory based off what I feel like I can comfortably maintain. Currently for me working on the project I only commit to making that repository containing the latest versions of enlightenment run for Tumbleweed and the latest openSUSE release (Mostly because thats what I use for testing). I will of course provide security updates / bugfixes to major issues for all currently supported distros.
Currently the version of enlightenment in the devel repository doesn't build for 13.1 its not a huge amount of work to fix it but its low on my list because I only have so much time and there's more beneficial things I can spend my time on. Incidentally I probably will fix it sometime, but more because the same issue effects SLE12 currently. So if someone else was to enable another 13.1 Build Target for that repo who's responsible for doing the work? Me, Stephan, You as you asked for it?
Having said all that I think there needs to be a discussion about whether auto delete requests are sent out once 13.1 reaches end of life of once the evergreen support reaches end of life. Personally I think that maybe a delete request should still go out at the 13.1 end of life, but shouldn't be automatically accepted, Then with the evergreen end of life automatic accepting delete requests should go out. That way maintainers can still decide, but personally I don't mind either way.


Simon Lees

openSUSE Enlightenment Maintainer.
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