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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE 13.1 - Preparation for Evergreen
Le 12/12/2015 13:50, Richard Brown a écrit :

Wagon was never supported for openSUSE

I used it once from yast. Not to say it was a success

Adding repositories to your machine makes it in many respects
'unsupported' and 'unsupportable'

unsupported, sur, but I don't think it's even possible to work some weeks without some.

But it's why sharing zypper lr could make clear what repositories can have problems and how to fix these. I my case, I use evergreen on servers and have very few added repos in this config

Also, when doing an upgrade, you might no longer need the repositories
you have added previously, because the new version (Leap) obviously
has newer stuff in it than 13.1.. so the idea of automatically
upgrading to repositories should not even be considered - Why
invalidate your system needlessly?

yes, nothing automatic apart official repos, ok, and doc to what this change and how avoid other repos

what I mean is nothing more than advanced changelogs / release notes

Upgrading from 13.1 to Leap is easy as long as you're on a x86_64


If you're on a 32-bit system, my advice is to either reinstall
(if your hardware supports 64-bits)

it's not usually recommended to upgrade 32to 64, but may be the recommendation is obsolete

or purchase hardware which does
support 64-bits and do a fresh install there

this is the main culprit. There is still some 32bits hardware built, an it would be a shame to send people to Debian only for that.

this only makes it useful to keep 13.1 at least some years...

There's two perfectly supported upgrade methods 'Offline' and 'Online'

(...) to be tried on virtual machine or test machine. I will try if I can.

Online (aka Zypper dup)
This is more complicated, and should only be done if you really need
to do the upgrade without turning off the machine

it's not about turning of. My server is hosted somewhgere on the cloud, ad I have no way to insert a dvd (not completely true, some tricks exists) nor see the menus an answer questions - although I've seen some posts saying it's possible, I would be glad to see some doc

And is documented here -

I know, but most ennoying bugs and release notes are not that friendly (but we can work to make them better)

Really, we have valid, easy, supported upgrade mechanisms, people need
to use them and if they find things that don't work or they think they
can make better, they need to file bugs or send in pull requests so we
can make it better..pretty tired with hearing 'upgrades are hard'
without any real explanation of how we could make it
better..especially when I've seen many, many, many, maaaaany upgrades
to Leap now just work out fine

it's *very* hard to report bugs on upgrade, because one can't do it again, and so understanding the bug is really hard. I don't know for leap, but I already experiment problems on upgrades (not to be discussed now)

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