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Re: [opensuse-project] Windows 10: A window of opportunity

On July 31, 2015 8:06:43 AM EDT, Antoine Ginies <aginies@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
As Windows 10 is being launched, details emerge what comes along with

Just read (1).

You will have an opinion on that.

But as nightmarish as this may seem, it also opens a huge
"Window" of opportunity for openSUSE and OpenSource in general.

What came to my mind here is a campaign to make potential users
aware of major benefits of openSUSE / OpenSource:

- we don't spy on you
- we don't sell your privacy
- we don't handcuff you

Take that as a short sketch.

This could be a campaign just for openSUSE - like a banner on -
or one that is conducted by and coordinated between the major distros
perhaps other organizations.


Microsoft is a partner in many project at SUSE (vmdp, UEFI etc...).
So this is not a good idea to do that....

This may be a place openSUSE needs to show its independence from SUSE.

The privacy issues associated with that link show an invasion of privacy worse
than Google's.

Further, it appears retroactive so this affects anyone that logs into a
Microsoft online account: sky-drive, office365, etc independent of them
upgrading to Windows 10.

Further, if you exchange emails with anyone that logs into a Microsoft online
account Microsoft has good even themselves authority to read that email and use
it to build your profile.

I use Windows 7 at work. I rarely log into a Microsoft online account, but I
have one for various reasons. The new privacy policy seems to give Microsoft
the right to mine my computer for information 7x24 as long as it keeps it local
to my PC, then on the rare occasion I log into my Microsoft online account,
upload all the profile info to MS.

I know Google does similar things. I don't know how to truly preserve my
privacy, but staying off of Windows as much as possible seems like one step I
can actually do.

Thus I fully support Jay's vision.

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