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Re: [opensuse-project] What about opensuse life cycle and roadmap?
On Tue, Jul 28, 2015 at 1:27 PM, Martin Schlander
<martin.schlander@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Mandag den 27. juli 2015 23:03:13 skrev jdd:
Le 27/07/2015 20:24, Martin Schlander a écrit :
Of course you can add that the base system will not have major changes in
the major cycle, and thus installing the service packs should be pretty
safe, especially on servers, where the service packs probably won't
change much at all.

the solution is really there, if applying service pack is not worst than
making zypper up, why should this be a problem?

But that is not the case. Installing the service packs will be like a normal
distupgrade. I.e. you'll need to modify your repo URLs and run zypper dup, and
hope that all your funky OBS home repos and packages exist for 42.2 also etc,
and that the Nvidia blob repo has been published etc.

The only way it'll differ from an old style distrupgrade afaict, is that the
base system won't change too much, except probably the kernel in most service

Possibly the YaST Wagon module could make things easier. I don't know much
about that.

I used to test Wagon in 11.x days. It didn't have much value add over
Zypper and I'd forgotten about it.

Here's the old wiki page:

For the REPO management is says:

Ensure you have the the correct repositories enabled
If not already running, start yast
Click repository management
Disable all repositories not 11.3 compatible
Add these repo's by url:
"openSUSE 11.3 Oss" -
"openSUSE 11.3 Non-OSS" -
"openSUSE 11.3 Updates" -
Search for updated openSUSE 11.3 compatible third-party repositories
and add them. WARNING: Use with caution. Using third-party
repositories could increase the chances that the upgrade will not
completing correctly.
Exit Yast

That's not very automated. Maybe it works better in SLED? or SLES?

Greg Freemyer
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