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Re: [opensuse-project] Marketing Definitions from oSC15
Le 01/07/2015 15:55, Robert Schweikert a écrit :

At present I would say our strength as a project is clearly centered
around our technologies.

your are right. But it's mostly from initiatives (obs, studio) that do not come from the community but from SUSE or SUSE people (may be at free time). These initiative where extremely well done and interesting. Because they are related to infrastructure.

what we have to understand is that when developers develop, usually they do not develop for themselves and so they attract a large bunch of people. So attracting developers is a very good thing.

that said I do not see how we can make a marketing campaign to them? They are mostly people that know what they do.

There is, IMHO, much value to be added to the community by building an
active part of the community that is interested in marketing and other
non technical aspects of the project.

that's always true, but how can we do that?

system Administrator audience,

I'm not sure system administrator have the choice. We have to convince people that decide. Around me decisions are often made by commercials and the administrator is hired after, then he can change very little things. Hope I'm wrong :-(

others. That by the way is not even possible, everyone needs to work
on what they are interested in ;)

it's not completely true. People works on thing they expect to be useful and fun. Nobody translate a wiki for fun, really, nor sort out a forum for fun. But if the forum is really useful, people will come for it. If we (the project community) collectively decide that the wiki (for example only) is the main goal of the next year, I guess we will find people to work on it. Having a fun community is the main goal.

. Additionally developers are
desktop users too and thus having a choice in desktops is probably
appreciated by developers.

don't forget also we are not alone, if upstream kde is well done, integrating it in openSUSE may be simple enough to do it

If there are new areas that are identified through marketing and
communication efforts where we currently lack then it is definitely
worth the conversation to see if we can attract people to help build
up those technical areas.



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